Do you want to be able to add anchor tags or links in your #WordPress website? Some people call them speed dials. Here’s a video how to do it easily! Brought to you by

Click here for the codes used in this video

Here’s how to create smooth scroll anchor links (Advanced)

Find the full written tutorial with links here – coming soon


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    18 replies to "⚓? How to Create Anchor tags or Anchor Links in WordPress"

    • Mariah Porter

      Excellent video! Still relevant and useful four years after it was posted. Just followed your instructions and successfully inserted my own anchor and link!

    • Guy Eshel

      Thank you dear

    • Laura Boyd

      Thank you! Works a treat! ??????

    • painfree potential

      Yay! first time coding, thannkyou so much xx

    • J.E. Spence

      I couldn't get this to work with the WP 5.2.2 insert anchor feature to save all the starving children of the world. I think it's a glitch!

    • Quadri Opeyemi

      Hey Kori, thanks for this guide. It's the perfect guide I was looking for, short and straight to the point. You're darling!

    • Stevie Solutions

      This looks interesting so I might try and do that.

    • Natalie Barcia

      I loooove how easy you make things!
      Nerd Code FTW!

    • Burj Burkan

      I just fell in love with you.. Im new to wordpress and I was looking for some thing like that.. thanks a million 🙂 I will forsure add you so I can learn from you

    • H Lebo

      This is easily the clearest and simplest explanation of anchor tags I've ever seen. Thanks!

    • Curt Jensen

      Thank you!!! This was just what I was looking for.

    • Sarah-Sylvia BewusstSein to go

      Thank you! That helps a lot!! Best wishes from germany – love and peace…

    • George Bagiryan

      Hi, could you help me with a related topic? The thing is I have a multi page site with a full screen slider on every single page and I need to make all redirections to pages to automatically scroll to the content section under that slider, how can I do it? Is there a better way than creating anchors for every page and changing all the links in menu?

    • K Padgett

      What about adding an anchor link in a Pardot email that links to one of you WP pages? H.E.L.P!

    • Jungle Explorer

      Thanks. Help me a lot.

    • Shaunda Necole

      Thanks for making this SUPER EASY for us non-techies! 😉

    • Reshan Ponnamperuma

      she doesn't waste other's time. straight to the point. No opening boasting session, no closing boasting session. short and sweet. Thanks Kori. keep up the good work. Watching this in 2019

    • iman far

      Thank you so much

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