Make a flower shop landing page with Brizy inside WordPress. This complete tutorial covers (almost) everything on how to set up a great website for a flower shop. Learn how to work Brizy!
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00:00:00 Welcome & Introduction
00:03:11 Install WordPress on Local Server with Local by Flywheel
00:05:59 Theme & Brizy Installation
00:09:47 Create Landing Page
00:14:16 Default Colours & Page Template
00:22:14 Hero Section w Call to Action
00:52:19 Info Banner
00:57:20 Products & Services
01:11:44 Discount Promotion | Hero
01:26:52 Featured Products
01:43:56 Form: Custom Orders
02:03:20 Fall Promotion | Gradient Overlay | Hero | CTA
02:10:45 Testimonials | Block Slider
02:23:16 Contact Us | Contact Form | Map
02:34:53 Anchor Links | Menu | Smooth Scrolling | Scroll to Top
02:46:55 Header | Site Identity| Transparent Header | Sticky Header | Mobile
02:58:41 Adieu

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    12 replies to "🌻 Flowershop Landing Page | Make a WordPress Landing Page with Brizy"

    • chardibinx

      Is there a way to make a transparent header in Brizy Cloud?

    • TheLuxxen

      Appreciate all your work and especially like that you took the time to share your personal workflow tips.

    • KADER M

      Hi JP i just finished the video awesome like always i may be getting Suki Pro life time i believe its the best way i have bought so many themes but they don't have that freedom and all these capabilities that Suki has .thanks again

    • Ivan Dimitrov

      In this theme can`t use logo from header. We can use just text, but ain`t logo in png or jpeg.

    • Gorazd Cadez

      Can you tell what addon (Toolbox) are you using for responsive preview?

    • Nicola Orlando

      Ciao JP, simply thank you and congratulation for the awesome vtut. You have good method for working in wordpress and i will follow your next tutorials.

    • mr. x

      Hey JP I have to say it, I am usually a tech nerd wich always teach and encourage my friends about new apps and technology and I have to say it: I always learn and find something new with your videos, i feel like you are me and I feel think I must feel like my friends finding some gold on your content. I was searching a lot of time ago a tool like flywheel to develope my sites locally. Keep doing the great job.

    • Anthony Miller

      Awesome, JP! Loving these tutorials!

    • Paul Bacon

      Thank you JP for another great Brizy tutorial. I was thinking regarding the testimonials block that it would have been possible to duplicate the block once you completed it and used arrows on the desktop version and assigned the other one without arrows to the mobile versions. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see that in action. Maybe an idea for a separate tutorial on that feature at some time

    • Graham George

      Thank you for the big tut! Love it!

    • steve miller

      thank you, JP, awesome stuff as usual! one of the best teachers on youtube!

    • Marek Eisenman

      (coming soon)?…

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