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Are you managing a multi-user WordPress website? By default, WordPress comes with a built-in user management system that you can extend. In this video, we will show you how the best WordPress user management plugins.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

The first one is the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin which comes with a few built in user roles and it also allows you to edit the capabilities and create customized user roles for your site.

#2 is WP Idle logout which will log out a user if they are inactive for a certain amount of time. They’ll be able to log back into their session, but it helps reduce session hijacking threats by using it.

#3 is the Cimy user extra fields which helps you extend the profile fields and lets you add more fields during registration and such.

#4 is the New User Approve plugin which lets you moderate new user registration and approve or deny new user registration from your admin area.

#5 is Peter’s Login Redirect and it lets you redirect a user who logs into your site to a specific page. This can be based on username, user role or capabilities.

#6 is the User Switching plugin and it lets you switch to different user account. This comes in handy if you’re testing a multi user site features and want to see what other roles see.

#7 is the account locker lite that lets you restrict user’s access to your site without deleting them.

#8 is the WP Useronline which will show you all the users currently visiting your site.

#9 is the Prevent Concurrent Logins which is great for paid membership sites and will help prevent users from sharing login information.

#10 is Force Strong Passwords which will help in the security of your site.

#11 is Adminimize which lets you configure all aspects of the WordPress admin site for each user role.

#12 is the User Submitted Posts which lets users submit posts to your site without giving them access to your WordPress admin area.

And finally, we have the Simple Local Avatars plugin that lets your users upload a photo from their profile page.

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    8 replies to "13 Free User Management Plugins for WordPress"

    • sanjeev yadav

      how to get user payment

    • Rosine Bela

      I want to create an online banking website. Any idea about plugin or theme that can do the job. I need online banking functionalities which include but not limited to account creation and login

    • James Brannan

      Thanks for this! Can you recommend a profile plugin. I'm really looking for something which allows members to type and capture notes into the page…IDEALLY with more than just one page in the profile section so they can tab across. EG: Goals page where they track goals, and other specific note pages to keep notes as they go through my site. Thank you very much for any help!!

    • Mohamed Ahmed

      Thank you very much how can i makes my paid members to only access their account from only limited numbar of devices. I have that plugin that logs them out but thats not enough for me

    • Jauns Mobile

      i want to hide my post for unlogin user in word press

    • Bonriki Kuria

      I love you accent! 😀

    • Online CS Master

      thanks a lot

    • JC Martinez-Sifre

      thanks a bunch for this info. Am heading the committee (and doing most of the development) in the overhaul of my daughter's elementary school Web page from Drupal 6.* to WordPress. Great to have a head's for available free tools (public school, after all, and produced on volunteer elbow grease). Soon after launch which haplens when the old information-only site's entries are updated and organized and the twentyeleven template gets styled to taste via child theme tweeking of the stylesheets, parent class leaders, PTA members, teachers, etc. – all with requests for functionality that suits thier needs – will likely be asked to manage their own sections & info. Defintely will deploy a bunch of these recommendations. Saved for when the 2.0 build gets underway.

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