In this video I show you what the advantage is of hosting your course on your own website instead of publishing it on Udemy.

In the second video of this free course on Youtube I talk about learning a craft, creating a course and uploading a course but in this video I talk about hosting it on your own website.

Optimizepress course:

Links for more in depth video’s:
#1 Affiliate Marketing:
#2 Udemy:
#3 Member Area:
#4 Youtube:
#5 Website: h
#6 Fiverr:
#7 Outsourcing:
#8 Webdesign:
#9 Buy a domain:
#10 Read/Listen Books:

    7 replies to "#3 Make Money Online Through Your Own Member Area"

    • Dexter Drive

      Hi Ferdy, thank you for the wonderful tutorial. looking forward for more videos likfe this. GOd bless!

    • Gerard Patrick

      Hi Ferdy. Have you any comment with respect to Learn Dash if you want to have your own course?

    • Andi Yanto

      Ferdy. Thanks for your great videos.

      Please let me know What Camera, what type, are you using? I will try to do like what you do

    • KabukiMoon

      Hi Ferdy! Your vids are all great. Can you tell me what hardware & software you use to create this video? Thanks!

    • Juan Carlos Gutierrez

      Hello Ferdy, I follow your videos, I congratulate you for what you do, what plugin do you need to make a member area, like your video?

    • Relax Mind 24 Hours

      Nicely done ?

    • Jc Gazi

      your videos are always my favourite .

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