7 Landing Page Hacks That’ll Double Your Sales

After building 10,000’s of landing pages, here are my seven most valuable tips for the hottest affiliate landing pages right now. We’re going to review the most popular landing pages that affiliates are using and break down how you can double your conversions.

Speech by Neil Patel
Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Hello Bar

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    26 replies to "7 Landing Page Hacks That'll Double Your Sales | AWasia 2017"

    • Online Marketing Strategies

      Excellent landing page hacks. Neil Patel always delivers…

    • Back To Health

      I asked for the webinar info and did not get anything

    • Back To Health

      this guy looks like a bum

    • Adarsh Gajavelli

      Thanks Neil.

    • Carsten Klein

      You seek for

      [x] legally incompetent person

      [x] psychologically distressed person
      [x] elderly person
      [ ] educated person

      A scam is what you propose. The likes of you made the internet an even worse UX.

    • Adhi Goldar
    • Brian Waters

      Funny is that at the start of the video, I subscribed to the channel. Thirty minutes into the video the advice is shady and unsubscribed. Scare tactics? Dishonesty is promoting a product? I was turned off by affiliate marketers creating fake websites promoting their products. If you want to make money being a piece of shit, then all the best to you, but there are honest people in the eCommerce market who do business honestly. Not the way I want to make money.

    • TheMagnificentPower

      I showed this video to my dad and it spared me a beating. My butt is pain free! ? Thanks, Neil!

    • Bernadette Lynch

      Was that Jason Hornung he mentioned as one of the best high priced converting affiliates. The other was Sam Ovens which I know of for sometime now.

    • A1 Erosion Landscaping & Erosion Control

      I have new company I need help with.. it's in the hunting industrie any body interested

    • Project Nirvana 2030

      8: 08 sleepy ? guy spotted ?
      Why attend seminars to sleep? You can sleep for free at your home ???

    • Brad Stevens

      While paid ads may boost your traffic immediately slowly building up organic traffic will reap huge rewards.

    • Jaclen -

      WOW! I want to thank you for sharing all this common sense info! I worked in direct sales for a lifetime, & was successful because I learned how to connect to people personally to help them solve a problem. I found out what they needed, their motivation for wanting it, and tweaked the products to fit their needs. I invented programs to attract people, and solved retention problems. In an industry that lost 60% of their clients, I was retaining 98% of mine. Everything was personalized to fit the person's needs. Now that I'm retired and sadly lost everything in a hurricane, I'm trying to figure out how to sell online. This is so different, and I am clueless! I have absolutely no idea how to interpret what I know and translate it to an online business! How do you take an impersonal medium, and personalize it? Without that connection that speaks to your client, sales won't happen. You don't actually talk to people online. There's a firewall of anonymity there. I thought, how can you resolve that to sell people you don't know, will never meet, and worse, try and sell them from a landing page? You just made the connection for me on how it's done! It's not easy, but it's simple. I have so much to learn, but now I understand it much better. Thank you so much for enlightening me!

    • Julius H. Barnes Jr.

      Hi Neil, That was the most Info. I have been handed to me for FREE!, since I have been striving to find someone to Realistically, and truthfully give information and totally and definitely work! I thank you, and you have another follower and hopefully joining your courses, I had so much money taken, uh! stolen from me I will need a little time to generate some funds before I can join you for your real Help!, I Thank You, Neil for having found you, and Thank God, Luv U

    • Jay Winstrand

      Excellent advice.  Much of it is based on basic principles relating to human behavior.  Love it!

    • Modern Day Muffler & Brakes

      Please define Affilate

    • Xavius Americus

      Neil, why do you have to be such a condescending asshole? You are painful listen to.

    • Christer Axelsson

      Affiliate World Asia looks like a good conference to attend. Thanks for the webi sales tools, Neal.

    • Jermaine Roye

      Great enthusiasm Neil!!!!The crowd is not having it with this guy. The sad sour faces… lol??

    • Lenny Lunden

      I appreciate all the tips… except the crappy scare tactics.

    • Eat_ Mangos

      this is the scammiest dude in the world

    • J West

      Asian and Indian my friend

    • Darrell Lischka

      Really good advice on landing pages and how to better optimize them. Thank you

    • Aashish Goodman

      Drinking Game. Everytime Neil says "shit", take a shot

    • Elizabeth Nalley

      At the end… Can you send me the Webinar Jam hacks? or can someone refer me to something to help, please.

    • The Influencer Project

      This is a wonderful post, Neil. Great ideas & definitely workable. Cheers!

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