Copy-paste this proven 7 step webinar copywriting formula for keeping your audience engaged and motivated to purchase your products and services. Today I’m going to share with you the exact same formulas hundreds of business owners are using to make millions of dollars online every day.

When webinar copywriting you want to ensure that you’ve got several key elements to captivate your audience and keep them engaged with your presentation. The order in which you present your information and the depth of the information can make or break your webinar attendance rates.

At the end of the day, webinar copywriting is all about keeping your webinar attendance rate high. The higher the rate, the more people will see your pitch at the end of the presentation, and hopefully buy your product. So, what’s the big deal?

Most webinar presenters focus too much on the sale and not enough on the and not enough on the value. You just can’t have a good webinar that only lasts 40 minutes. There’s not enough time to squeeze in rapport building, value, and a pitch. This is the most common mistake I see hopeful internet entrepreneurs making that just kills their webinar attendance and engagement rates.

One of those key elements is going to suffer and most often it’s the value element. The webinar copywriting formula I developed combats this common mistake (and others) by ensuring every step in your presentation is optimized to convert leads into customers so you can make more money online.

In this episode of building a business online, I break down the 7-step formula I developed after watching countless hours of successful webinars. Here’s a little preview of the 7 steps you’ll learn during the episode:
1) Affirmation
2) House Rules
3) Build Rapport
4) Value Bomb
5) The Offer
6) The Close

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      great presentation I can't wait for the full webinar script can you share the swipe file

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      You are the one I have been looking for .Great stuff Jason …Have been following you for a while now ..

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