This video shows how to use the OptimizePress Overlay feature with any blog posts and even blogs not suing the OptimizePress theme.

This is a work around until OptimizePress introduces the overlay into their blog.

You can learn more here:

    2 replies to "Adding OptimizePress Overlay To Any Site"

    • Tamara Machado

      Hi David!

      This was really helpful. Thank you a lot for that.

      I was wondering.. Can I do the same "copy and paste" code with a exit popup element?

      Thank you in advance =)

    • Hashim Naushahi

      Hi David!

      Thank you very much for this! I was looking for a way to use the overlay on a non OP page and yours did the trick!

      A small question though…

      This video brings the overlay option to any page with the button for it. Is there also a way to have this option with other elements like a clickable image, or a link or a non OP custom button? I'm really interested in knowing if that's possible. I've got an image in my sidebar with the image widget and I'd really like to have the sign in form pop up like a 2 step optin when a visitor clicks that image. Is something like that possible, with your option?

      Thank you in advance!



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