wordpress google adsense plugin – official adsense for wordpress plugin – remove ads

Google is discontinuing its official WordPress Plugin (May 2017). This video explains how to remove your ads placed with the plugin, delete the plugin and shows you how to generate and place ad code on your site without the plugin.


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    15 replies to "AdSense Plugin for WordPress is removed! How to Remove Ads & Place New"

    • Ricki Arisandi

      Nice vid man, keep up the good work. We may like some more video like this where we can learn more about Adsene, Thanks for the instructive vid.

      ps: u have very nice website luv it.

    • Augustin T. Obrien Caceres

      Thank you. I was wondering why those Google Ads are showing up everywhere on my website and I can't remove them. That was this automatic 'place anywhere it fits' tool they imposed on us. Awful. [Disclaimer: comments posted on social media are protected by copy rights and labour laws; ask your attorneys for details; terms and conditions may apply]

    • Kabeer Ahamed

      Brother, i have a doubt. unfortunatly yesterday my adsense account was disabled due to invalid click. but domain is not banned by google. so can i use another adsense on same wordpress blog? i mean in same domain? please reply

    • Sarah Terzo

      I am trying to remove my google ads from a wordpress. I went settings like you instructed but there is no adsense. There are: General, writing, reading, discussion, media, permalinks, askimet, google analytics (twice) statcounter, share on facebook, surveysettings, and a few other things. No adsense option. Please help me. I have been searching for instructions on how to do this for hours and posted on multiple forums but no one responds.

    • Donna Harris

      I deleted the Goggle Adsense plugin but I still see adds in my wordpress widget area. how do I delete those as well? Thank you for your training.

    • SimplyDecadentCreations

      Hello. Thanks for your video, but my ad space on my website has been empty for 3 days now. Is there some issue that I need to fix?

    • Dimitris Tzamaras

      Hey nice video.
      Also can I add google adsense ads on wordpress with personal plan?

    • Bug Studio

      I have tried many times, but ad didn't show!!

    • OH8STN Ham Radio

      thanks for this. I waited too long to get it done but thanks to your tutorial I'll have my ads back up and running.

    • mary lisa

      we can not find this google adsense plugins, can you send me link

    • Live Love Guitar

      The plugin no longer lets you save any new configurations- How do I remove the ads and save like you show in the beginning of the video? I'm worried the same will happen to me, like in the comment below by Liesbeth Flo, if I just delete the plugin before removing the ads. Ugh!

    • Southern Times

      How do I get google ads coming directly to my website

    • Liesbeth Flo

      Hello, your video is very helpfull and clear but… one question: I accindently removed the adsense plugin before I could remove the ads so now I still see ads on my website, but I'm not able to do any adjusting to them… how can I solve this problem please? (I'm from Belgium so sorry for my poor English ;-)) Thanks for your answer!

    • Marble Videos

      Hi, what if I want to add the ad as part of one of my posts? Say in the middle of an article?

    • Jéssica

      Hello there! With your video I was able to set again my adds in my blog​, thanks! It was exactly what I was looking for. I just couldn't set nor see the adds by mobile. Was I missing somethig during the settings?

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