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      If you want to quickly make over 5,000 dollars per month
      (Just Google) James make money blueprint

    • Ana Kuzmanovic

      Love it! One of the most informative chats I heard lately.

    • Sachin Kumar

      Nice video topic on lead generation, is there any basic video which clear from base a to z

    • Amanda Walsh Patierno

      This was a great webinar. I would love to know what the title is of the webinar you spoke of that was next "inside sales excellence?" with you and happy grasshopper and the top 10 things to convert the online lead.

    • Life Is So Good Travel Agency

      Chris cuts people off way too much and its rude. He needs to let others finish their sentences instead of cutting people off, he does that a lot with his partner.
      Really good points, but show some respect Chris. . Please take this a constructive criticism.

    • Kim Luckie

      And (3) tracking lead generation

    • Kim Luckie

      I would LOVE to see 2 topics: (1) portal ads and showcase products discussion: Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, etc. and (2) Real Estate Firm/Broker Marketing special edition (balancing corporate and agent strategies, advertising, listing marketing, etc.)

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