Alternative To OptimizePress For WordPress
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In continuing this series on alternative software and services to replace expensive or outdated, But popular, platforms in this video I’m going to introduce an alternative to OptimizePress 2 which seems a bit dated to me.

Please note that I still have OptimizePress installed on this website, but I am going through the process of phasing it out.

In the past 12 months there has been significant forward movement in the PageBuilder space for WordPress, and I have to say that OptimizePress just feels clunky and old. That is my main motivation for introducing the alternative that I am currently going “all in” with.

This alternative suggestion, Thrive Content Builder, is so much easier to use then OptimizePress mainly because it is what is known as a “Front End PageBuilder”.

That means you are able to see exactly what you are building as you are building it. Its a cinch to work with and fun too.

Let me know what you guys think.

Alternative To OptimizePress For WordPress

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    • Laughter for Healing

      does thrive lightboxes not work for divi theme? I cant seem to find it as a plugin

    • Venus Wong

      I realize the price is not the same as shown in the video anymore?

    • Juan_Churion

      Hello, thank you for the video! One question, Can I integrate thrive with send inblue for my email marketing? does it come with custom form integration? Thanks,

    • Charles Lewis

      Thank you so much for making this video. I was just about to pull the trigger on Optimize Press before viewing your video. I'm going with Thrive!

    • sean laughton

      Hi Adam,

      Firstly, thanks for the video. I've actually been looking at the differences between OP2 and Thrive over the past week. While I would rather work with Thrive any day of the week, OP2 looked appealing because it came with a membership solution. What do you use for membership sites?

    • closer4u

      Adam I just had a conversation with the support team at Optimize Press regarding the cost for the update ($59). I do not feel it's fair to charge for the updates. Support ok I get that but without the wost recent update I cannot use the page builder feature with the new wordpress 4.5 bit out of touch as to the amount of competitors are out and gaining ground on them.

    • Abstract Painting Techniques with Andy Morris

      funny after a year with Thrive I'm planning to switch to OptimizePress

    • David Caudill

      Hello Adam,

      I have been looking for an alternative to OP2 for a while now and thanks to your video here it looks like I have found it. I hope you are still an affiliate because I will be purchasing ThriveThemes on Aug. 1st I have to wait till then do to the fact I'm semi-retired and on a fixed income but as you can tell… I'm trying to change that to full time retired and creating my own income.

      I look forward to your response and more videos about Thrive Themes.

      Thanks again,

      David Caudill

    • Cape Holidays

      Excellent. Great review. Will get it.

    • Jonathan Copp

      hi Adam, was thinking of getting optimize press but since seeing your video of thrive then might go for this….
      Can you make a membership site with it? or do you just need to add in another plugin that will then work with thrive?

    • Geoff Anthony

      Hi Adam, thanks so much for your excellent video. As a "Newbie" to much of this, I was just wondering – if one purchases a Thrive Theme, does the Content Builder come built in with the theme or does one purchase it separately? Also I hear a lot about the Genesis framework – how does the Thrive Theme set up compare? Thanks Adam.

    • Amey Dabholkar

      Hi Adam,

      Awesome Video. I just wanted to know can we edit blog posts through this thrive themes?

    • Adam Preiser

      @Roger P for some reason I don't have the reply option to your comment. You asked about this compared to Divi. Divi does not have a front end visual editor, it is tucked away int he WordPress admin, and is not WYSIWYG. So the time to put a page together is much longer because you have to constantly click save, then refresh to view the page, then go back and make changed. 

    • Raj P

      Adam, thanks for the nice review. How does this compare with Divi by Elegant themes?

    • WP Themes

      One more question if I may,  can I add an feedback form on a page that is built using Thrive? 

    • WP Themes

      Can I have different customized sidebars for different pages/posts that are created using Thrive?     It seems that a lot of the focus or discussions is about building a single page landing page, just want to make sure Thrive is capable of building a full website that can handle different sidebars for different pages or posts. 

      thanks !

    • Self Preneur

      I have two questions ….Is it possible to add a page navigation or a menu tab to this page or any of the landing page? If so can you make were once you click on the page menu tab that it goes to a particular section of the landing page? Thx

    • Dominique Hart

      Hey Adam, great video about Thrive Themes. Awesome find!

      I will absolutely be using them for my many of my website needs. But the one thing that I notice Thrive doesn't offer is a solution for a presentable, and up to date membership site. Is there something that I missed? or do you know of another great option for membership sites as well? I ask because that was the main area of decision that had me sold on using Optimize Press. It was kind of an all in one deal for me. So if there are no other offers for membership sites, or should I just stay with optimize press?

    • LaMont Price

      I've used TT, OP, OP2, WP Profit Builder, Profits Themes & One Minutes Website by Welly Mullia. Thrive themes is absolutely the best all around when you take everything into consideration. Do you know what does it for me? Customer Service

      Shane's team is absolutely on it. I'd say the average response time, for me, is probably less 10 minutes. I'm not sure if they'll be able to keep up that pace but even with some of Shane's older products the response time is great. 

    • Brian Yandell

      Hello Adam, I watched your video with tongue in cheek. ( I thought I was a big fan Optimize Press2 🙂 ) I am new to internet marketing. And I've been learning Optimize Press for awhile now. I've had it a year and now and it's time to renew but I was on the fence. You have pointed out all the things that frustrated me with Optimize Press. And some things I didn't know frustrated me LOL. But your short video convinced me that this is by far the better and easier way. I have no doubt that the learning curve for this will be next to none. I will be getting this product. And it is all because of your recommendation and demonstration. By the way I am a new subscriber to your YouTube channel also. ( Awesome stuff!) So once again. Thank you so much for what I consider. Time and money saving advice. 

    • Thrive Themes

      Thanks for the taking the time to make this great review Adam.  It's really quite rare to see a reviewer take the time to run through the functionality of the plugin as you have done here.

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