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The Funnel Packs website claims it is “everything you need to set up your new marketing funnel in UNDER AN HOUR”.

So I’m going to put that claim to the test!

Funnel packs comes with everything you need to make a complete marketing funnel, including: a lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, opt in form, welcome & nurturing emails, sales emails, and implementation videos.

A couple dislaimers before I take on the challenge of building an entire funnel in less than an hour:

1. While I have NOT used Funnel Pack yet (you’ll be seeing me use it for the first time in this video) I have been talking with the developer for some time so I do have a good grasp on what will be included and what I’ll need to do. However, after watching this video you’ll know a lot more than me at this point.

2. I’ve built quite a few funnels. If you’re completely new to funnel building this isn’t a complete tutorial, but you’re going to get the full idea of just how easy this can be with Funnel Packs.

3. This is going to be completely unedited once I start the timer. So if I mess up, it is what it is…

Today I’m going to be setting up the Web Design funnel from Funnel Packs on one of my sites using Elementor. I’ll be using a free MailerLite account to do all of the email sequences. There’s links to all of these things below in the video description.


*Mailer Lite*

    4 replies to "An Entire Marketing Funnel in Under an Hour with Funnel Packs!"

    • Kerrin Williams

      I was on the fence about whether to buy a Funnel Pack as it's really a blind purchase (not knowing what I'd actually be getting). Thank you for your great video which has helped me realise it is a solid product which will come in very handy!

    • What a Story

      Any Explainer Video Related Funnel?

    • Yaco Lioi

      Awesome content! Will take this into account in a couple of weeks. I'm about to launch a new product and this will help me a lot

    • Sandra Van Zanten

      Thanks for showing this awesome Funnel Packs!

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