The Results 513 Show, Episode 104: Automated Webinar vs Video Sales Page #ASK513

In episode 104, we will discuss automated webinars versus video sales pages. What the difference is, what the idea is and its nuances. Brenda, give us a little goods, tell us a little bit about automated vs. video sales pages. Yes, sure.

Automated webinar has definitely been around a while. There was a little bit of a hiatus, but it is making its way back around. There are definitely some new features that make it pretty fantastic to use. So the question came up, “Why would you be using these automated webinars when they are running all day 24-hours a day, and you could just run a video sales page?” So it is like what is the difference? What is the psychology behind that?

There is a big difference. One converts a lot better than the other one, so in this episode we go a little bit deep into why these automated webinars are working and what the behind the scenes emotional attachment is to them. Why they are getting the commitments to have more buyers at the end of the day. And, we also look at whether automated sales pages still have a place in your funnel.

It is a great episode for you if you are doing webinars, you are doing sales videos, you are doing sales pages. You will learn how to put them together and what would be best to use and why. Definitely, check out episode 104. We’ve got the goods for you for sure. It is at, and we will see you there!


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