Quizzes and surveys are a great way to engage with your visitors.

The average person loves a good quiz, especially, if at the end of it, they’ll find out which Marvel Character they are most like.

In this tutorial we’re going to look at the best free quiz plugin for WordPress.

Most companies that employ quizzes and surveys use them to the collect information about the wants, needs and desires of their customers.

And in doing so, the company will be able to make better content and/or product decisions in the future.

With the Quiz and Survey Master plugin you can assign a score to each question answer. The score is tallied up at the end and you can send your quiz-taker a personalized email or thank you page based on their score in the quiz.

I show you how to do all of it for free.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:09 How to install the Quiz and Survey Master plugin
00:10:02 How to set a score for questions
00:12:28 How to send different emails based on their quiz score
00:16:41 How to send people to different results pages based on their quiz score
00:18:47 How to add the quiz to Gutenberg and test it
00:21:05 How to add the quiz to Elementor and test it
00:22:28 How to refine the quiz and survey options
Check out the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin here: https://quizandsurveymaster.com/

Quiz and Survey Master plugin’s WordPress repository page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/quiz-master-next/

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    12 replies to "Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress – Quiz And Survey Master WordPress Plugin Tutorial"

    • biker kj

      How to add time frames or expiry for quiz, option is not working, I tried that, is there other way to do that

    • Valmir Nascimento

      Thanks, you saved me a lot of time of research!!

    • Ankit Kashyap

      How to add quiz to the post/page. I can't find that + sign in my text editor. Do I need any other plugin for it ?

    • Imoh Job

      Grate Tutorial..
      very helpful!

    • MY HOMY

      Thank you descriptive video. You talk about creation quiz but how to show survey with percentage? I want to check how many persons will say Yes for example in certain topic and how many persons will say No?.
      Second , how to do translation for Arabic? Can I make survey directly in Arabic language ?
      Thank you very much

    • rakesh kumawat

      Can we import questions from excel sheet or google sheet into this plugin? pls give me solution

    • Lazaros Oikonomou

      You rock! Thanks for this!

    • Hasan Shahriar Boni

      can i add subscripts and superscript in the option?

    • erick juma

      show i like it

    • Centre for Crisis and Risk Communications

      Thank you for this video. I am having an issue with my quiz in having the answer displayed on the results page and the email.? Any idea?

    • Zarmina Khattak

      This is exactly waht i was looking for my blog… superb… thank Man.­čÖĆ

    • Karen Flowers

      Can you provide any assistance as to why my results page isn't displaying after the assessment? I've entered all my criteria; however, if I test the survey, it does not show the results based on the criteria established.

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