The Top 2 WordPress themes for online business owners go head to head! Here are the top 5 reasons Thrive Themes beats OptimizePress.

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Table Of Contents:
0:45 – 5) Multiple Theme Choices
1:24 – 4) Training Library
2:27 – 3) Template Selection
4:19 – 2) Page Builder
5:51 – 1) Complete Marketing Package

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If you are searching for the best WordPress sales funnel and landing page builder, then this video will save you from all the headaches of researching and testing. This is part one of the OptimizePress vs Thrive themes review.

When it comes to building your sales funnel and landing pages, there is no better platform than WordPress. In the past I’ve done landing page software reviews on Leadpages, and Clickfunnels and in each the big problem was control. When you don’t control your pages, you don’t really own them.

Today that changes with this long time coming OptimizePress vs. Thrive Themes. A lot of testing and research went into this video so I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment with feedback and questions. I’m delighted that your stopping by and expressing interest in the OptimizePress vs Thrive Themes debate because it’s one that can dramatically impact your chances of success in the long run.

This sales funnel and landing page software review is going to be your one stop guide and easy to understand set of pros and cons for each WordPress theme and plugin. What I really like about both of these sales funnel solutions is that fact that they run on WordPress.

Unlike OptimizePress vs Leadpages or Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels; here WordPress is a common demoninator that both these landing page builder rely on. Which means, they are both fantastic solutions and the top two that I have found. So which ever one you choose out of these two, you will be in good hands.

After using both for over a year, compared to all the other solutions out there, they are the best of the best. Now it just comes down to preference and a few key differences that you’ll have to decide for yourself based upon your business. After your done watching this OptimizePress vs Thrive Themes videos, be sure to check out the other sales funnel software review videos in the playlist links above.

Disclaimer: Please note that all recommendations & links are affiliate promotions.

    2 replies to "Best Funnel & Landing Page Builder For WordPress: OptimizePress vs Thrive Themes: (Thrive Wins?)"

    • Alexandre Ghio

      Hi I am wondering if the funnels created are well display? I mean each page build apprears on bellow the other to easely see the sequence? thanks

    • Ronnie Rokk Smith

      I'm still using Optimize Press and there is a 3.0 coming in two months. Eager to see what they bringing new to the table.

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