In this video, I will share with you the 7 best LearnDash Plugins that I have found. These LearnDash plugins will enhance your site’s style, capabilities, and sales.

β˜… —– Important Links —– β˜…
* LearnDash —
* Design Upgrade —
* Visual Customizer —
* Uncanny Toolkit —
* CartFlows —
* Cart Abandonment —
* WPFusion —
* LoginPress —

🟑 Orderable — (Launch Lifetime Offer)
🟑 Presto Player — (SAVE 10% Auto Applied)
🟑 Kadence Theme — (SAVE 10% Coupon WPCSAVE10)
🟑 CartFlows — (SAVE 20% Auto Applied)
🟑 FluentCRM & Forms — (SAVE 20% Coupon WPCRAFTER)
🟑 Cloudways — (SAVE 20% Coupon WPCRAFTER)
🟑 NameHero — (SAVE 70%)
🟑 BuddyBoss — (SAVE 10%)
🟑 Divi — (SAVE 10%)
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🟑 Elementor —
🟑 Beaver Builder —
🟑 Brizy —
🟑 Divi — (SAVE 20%)
🟑 Thrive Architect —

🟑 Full List —
🟑 Cloudways — (SAVE 20% Coupon WPCRAFTER)
🟑 NameHero — (SAVE 70%)
🟑 SiteGround — (SAVE 70%)
🟑 A2Hosting — (SAVE 66%)

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    21 replies to "Best LearnDash Plugins & Addons To Make Your Courses Look & Work Premium"

    • its EQ

      Hi πŸ™‚ Can I ask, why can't I see the comment that an admin had left for my assignment? When I click on the comment icon, it will bring me to a 404 page.

    • ε₯½ζ©Ÿθ»Š

      hi! do you know 08:16 where i can set up each lesson and topic pictuses?

    • Glorious Steve

      Hey! It was an excellent and informative Video. I learnt a lot. Above all, I was motivated very much. Thanks.

    • Carley Struve

      Great informative videos! I have a question though, would you get both Design Upgrade Plugin by Dave AND Snap Orbital ( bundle) or just one or the other? Thanks!

    • Veasna Mann

      Do you have a plugin that I can do a affiliation course with Learndash?

    • keryonic

      You make the best useful videos for Learndash. I really like how you share your experience. I am really interested in implementing a few of those plugins, in particular CartFlows, and FluentCRM. But I am really afraid of adding plugins in case those would slow down Learndash and my customer's experience. Shouldn't I worry? Thanks again for what you're doing.

    • Imran Shah

      how to implement Cartflows on every single course page?


      Oh had I watched this video back in 2019 – I missed out on the free version of CartFlows… lol I'm turning the burner on – as my next plugin.

    • Shanti Life's Health & Wellness Channel

      Great video and very helpful information. Thanks bunches !

    • Patrick Kellogg

      the best plugin for learndash hands down is the quiz embed plugin. it is so good even Paul Menard, the developer of LearnDash bought it.

    • Grant Spoon

      Always the best stuff Adam. Getting back into learndash and impressed (disapointed) by their lack of basic design principles in the course such as visual hierarchy and clarity of sections. Almost gave up on it as a viable course solution. So glad you mentioned Design Upgrade and the other plugins which seems to solve the issues. thanks again and hope you're doing great.

    • Ted Weddell

      I was just looking into Cartflows and didn't know it was yours. Nice plugin!

    • Masha

      Thank you for your tutorials, they are great.

    • Seraphim

      Asked this on BuddyBoss video but will say here too. Q – Do you need BuddyPress & bbPress plugins downloaded and activated for BuddyBoss to run? Also same for multisite? I've got BuddyBoss Pro and will be installing on a sub-site not the main domain. Can I leave plugins deactivated on Network but activate only on the sub-site and it will still work or do you need Network Activate on? Thank you.

    • Web Tool Lab

      Thanks a million for this amazing video Adam.

    • Jarco Penning

      great stuff. thanks mate.

    • Ajith kumar

      Can you pls release a review video on Learn dash – Elementor integration.

    • ΧΧœΧ™ Χ¨Χ•Χ–ΧŸ

      Adam, What membership plugin do you recommend to use with learndash?

    • hasanat palash

      [ld_course_list categoryselector="true" progress_bar="true" order="asc"] I got such type of codding message on my all courses page after importing learndash theme. Also got [ld_profile] this code on my account page.Please help me that how can I remove those message?

    • Paul Aryeh

      what is the best theme for wordpress that I can purchase to start my LMS video website for my online classes which are in video format? Then I guess I would need to get learn-dash to make the whole platform complete and functional as downloadable classes which students purchase, correct?
      I really like your explanations and detailed tutorials that show how we can clearly bipass all these expensive and really not very effective platforms and just "do it myself".

    • Immanual Joseph

      Loving your videos. Thank you. A question to you/the community: I am creating a course with a series of lessons (Vimeo videos). If there a way to autoadvance the slides? Is there a way to hide 'mark as complete" for every lesson? Thanks!

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