We compare our favourite three course building plugins – also known as LMS plugins. We put LearnDash, LearnPress and Tutor LMS head to head. While they all have their own strengths, there is usually one that you will find to best suit your project.

You’ll find these plugins at the links below:

https://ideaspot.com.au/learndash ✅

https://ideaspot.com.au/learnpress ✅

https://ideaspot.com.au/tutorLMS ✅

You’ll find tutorial videos where we build course with each of these below here:




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    12 replies to "Best WordPress Course Plugin? LearnDash vs LearnPress vs Tutor LMS | Free and Pro Plugins Compared"

    • Charleen Cnossen

      Thank you! Very Helpful as I begin to research how to upload my signature program for clients. So much to learn! LOL

    • Andrezza Vieira

      The best, most complete and professional review about LMS. thank you! Greetings from Brazil.

    • Atef Awad

      Dear Alex
      Kindly can I put on this theme my Blogs with different page?

    • Nadege

      Why am I listening on repeat? LOL! This is the most relaxing techy video I've ever watched. Did anyone else used to listen to After Hours with Glen Hollis on Wash FM? Anyway, this guy should get a radio show. That voice on that music….

    • Momi A

      Great video which one is the fastest related to speed?

    • SouL RebeL

      Thank you for your help 👍🏽

    • Deb W

      Nice music but extremely distracting for a serious topic. It would be great to have an option to listen without music.

    • Homedic

      Hey mate, great video thanks for sharing knowledge. Q- which in your opinion is the best course plugin that would work for marketplace website where tutors can create their own courses. ? Which means the course building UI has to be super simple to use for Tutors, intuitive and rich in user experience.
      Suggestion on Free plugins and Paid reasonable one. Hope you can provide some guidance. Much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Jorge Nava - SolidCapo

      Awesome! what do u think about Divi Builder with all these LMS? and as a builder?

    • Angelica Williams

      Is there a to lock or block lessons/topics in learn dash if you’re looking for students to complete one topic before moving on? Thank you

    • A Millien Concepts

      Great vid! What software do you use to screen record your videos?

    • Diana Pedraza

      Thank you so much. I love your voice.

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