The Brizy page builder plugin has been on my radar for quite some time. It has made an appearance in some of my other videos, but I thought today might be a good day to take a look at it. I think it’s a great plugin for making landing pages on your WordPress website. Of course, like many page builders, it can perform a lot of functions for your website. I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

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    6 replies to "Brizy Page Builder for WordPress Landing Pages ?"

    • FKtdyvan 2016

      Please explain what you are doing here at the beginning. Are building the landing page with WordPress or Brizzy. It seems that you are in WordPress program but you are talking about Brizzy. I did not see the steps that you used to get to Brizzy within what looks like the WordPress site that you started with. Are you using Brizzy for WordPress because I see the WordPress icon in the upper-left-hand corner of your website here?

    • Darry Shan

      You seem to always know what I’m thinking. Just got started with Brizy. Doing my first site with it this week. Brizy and Neve go great together btw. Still waiting on the FB group ?

    • Bein Gavra

      Please get done more videos ho to get done things in Brizy, the official brizy videos are in a very bad English.

    • Jake Langille

      I bought the lifetime deal a few months back and I'm crazy happy with it. It also has a fabulous popups tool and lots of integrations.

    • Mylri Irlym

      Thank you for this well demonstrated Brizy video and hopefully you can present a lot more about Brizy as it seems a great page builder. I prefer it to all other page builders !

    • Ankush Gaur

      Your videos are really helpful. My websites look much better now. Thank you for your time and effort !

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