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In this video, you can watch as I build a complete, fitness themed and modernly designed homepage from scratch, in WordPress. The only tool I use for this task is the Thrive Architect visual editor plugin.

In the video, you’ll see how Thrive Architect can be used to create vertical split layouts, gradient buttons and backgrounds, transparent image overlays, slanted edges and much more. We combine many design effects to create an eye-catching, powerful web page.

In the video, you’ll learn how you can use Thrive Architect to save time as you build your page. Using the page-level settings, mobile responsive editing in batches and a smart approach for duplicating and reusing parts we’ve built, we can create this entire page in under an hour (and without commentary, it would be shorter still). You’ll also discover some of the things you can do with Thrive Architect that can’t be done in other page builders.

Check out Thrive Architect here: https://thrivethemes.com/architect/

And see more landing page templates that you get with the plugin here: https://thrivethemes.com/landing-pages-gallery/

    12 replies to "Building an Entire Homepage from Scratch (Fitness Website)"

    • Kevin Balcker

      What happens when yo click on any of the links in the customize menu? For example the blog page: the layout changes to the default theme menu or you should build a landing page per menu?

    • Yannik Dzelzkalns

      Shane, you are awesome! Your way of explaining is very well understandable (I watch your videos in 1.75 speed at least and still get everything), you have a nice touch of humor you drop in every then and now when you enter some random example content and your voice is good to listen to.
      I should have watched this video earlier before I start building my page but it is not to late yet. Thanks for all your tipps and little hacks! I will become a contetn box fan myself soon, I bet!
      All the best to you!

    • Rodney VanNortwick

      Excellent instruction and an awesome theme!!!

    • Shaikha AlAbry

      So you don’t use element .?

    • Agus Ridwan Hidayat

      Very impressive. Anyway can you add search bar and customize the search result page with this?

    • Lesa Soundz

      I have a problem, when I select the content box to add a hyperlink () the heading and the content gets underline and change colour. how can i change that please?

    • TVworkshop Asia

      Hi Where is the landing page text options in the new version?

    • Alberto De Lucca

      Super helpful tutorial Shane!

    • Ramon den Hartog

      Could you please do a tutorial on building a top navigation bar with on the left a logo, then the custom dropdown menu, then a call to action and at the right a language switch with 2 or 3 flags? 4 columns so to speak? Making it mobile responsive? Because I keep trying to build this but am struggling big time. I set the call to action to not show in tablet or mobile mode but the columns don't disappear, so the mobile navigation icon ends up underneath the logo or somewhere else besides where it should be – on the right side at the same level as the logo. I would very much appreciate a quick video or explaining on this. Thanks a lot!

    • Ketan Shah

      Excellent tutorial. Thanks!

    • Ashish kumar sahu

      Please make a Portfolio page. Please Please Please

    • makemoneyrelax

      I dont not understand this exaclty……can you reuse then this design for every blog page lets say or every page? Creating this all the time is a waste of time if you have hundreds pages

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