In this video I will show you how the ‘Button’ Element in Elementor 2.0 works. Get Elementor here:

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    • Neolink

      Where do you change the shape of the button? My default is rounded corners and I'm trying to get a rectangle.

    • Mikhail Kevin

      Sir, how to link the button, to the pages i have?

    • Lucas Xia

      I want to change the icon size inside the button but I can't figure out how to do it. Really appreciate your help!


      Thanks for a very good tutorial! Easy to understand and follow! Great work!

    • Jeroen

      goed bezig! Was echt aan het zoeken naar hoe ik een knop moest linken haha.

    • Mohammed Sayfuddin

      Such a nice tutorial! It helps me a lot. Thank you.

    • Christine Kwakwa

      All that about a button! Marvellous! Thanks!

    • Sayandweep

      I am saying about when I use elemento in my post then the button hyperlink are by default underlined,,,, pls say how I remove it !!

    • Alhugen

      Hi! Is it possible to make the buttons slide in when I scroll down the page, down from the main "screen" of the home? And to keep in the same spot while scrolling down like it was a pop-up? thank you

    • Jun O

      Thank you for this great tutorial! I love that you don't jump around and stay true to the order of the buttons to see what each one does. This is very helpful for new WP users like me.

    • Ken Holladay

      Hi Ferdy, great videos. do you have a video that describes how to add a paypal donation feature?

    • Romerryll

      ONE MINUTE AND TWELVE SECONDS IN! I find what I've been looking for for hours. NIIICE

    • Alex Odiah

      I came to learn 1 thing and left with a lot. Thank you!!!!

    • Yasin Yilmaz

      Is there any possibility to link to another element on the same page? I couldn't figure it out…..Thanks in advance!

    • Rushabh Patel

      that's how it works, an unusual guy making tutor video, my friend what about the existed button

    • Vleugje Vakantie

      Hi Ferdy, how do I create a "back to previous page" button?

    • Eric Richard

      thanks for the tutorial. I'dl like some help to understand why is it that my button radius doesn't do anything? When i drag a new button, it has that round shape and i can't turn into a default square shape like in your video.

    • Daniel Neal

      Hello – as I scroll down, my buttons appear in front of the main nav menu. Do you know how I could fix this? Thank you!

    • Simon Reddert

      Great tutorial, thank you very much!

    • lokesh gandhi

      How to make a matrimonial website through WordPress , if you have any link then please send to me .
      Thanks ­čśŐ

    • c may

      Hello, I really appreciate your videos. I'm unable to add a Spotify or SoundCloud playlist to my elementor page. Could you assist me with it or offer a step by step tutorial? Thank you.

    • Kobi Vaknin

      hello my friend, can you please tell me how can i keep button clicked in elementor? lets say my button color is grey, and when i click it i want it to marked as orenge color like it clicked … is that posible to do? thank you for you answer … kobi

    • Act on COVID-19 Responsibly

      You didn't address how to link with the blog. I tried the /blog but didn't go there.

    • Manish Upadhyay

      Excellent tutorial. Thnx

    • levi cruz

      can I have a dropdown list on a button or any text? I was able to create a dropdown list on my main menu on my header, but i can't do it elsewhere. is it possible?

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