Amazon Kindle Publishing and Digital eBook Publishing is no longer a trend. And eBooks doesn’t mean just Amazon as there are providers like Apple IBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Google Play and Smashwords just to name a few. One thing that you’ll need as an eBook Author/Publisher is a comprehensive and powerful tool to manage your Kindle Publishing Empire. Calibre is a free and open source eBook Management tool that does everything from organizing your extensive eBook library to actually editing/formatting your next Masterpiece. In this Calibre Tutorial, I go through all the steps from adding a book, editing and finally publishing.

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    • LORDE 2729

      what a fucking waste of my time .

    • Sarah Nichole

      so do we just upload what we write to this program say in Word and it'll convert it to an ebook format? I'm confused and I'm wanting to publish to Amazon. Any help would be grateful. Do I need this to format my writing to upload to amazon?

    • Richard Bedard

      I'm glad someone finally explained Calibre. I will have to watch this video several times because you covered a lot a new material. I'm wanting to publish a book I wrote and I want to use Calibre and Kindle Previewer. Thank you.

    • MadeAUsername

      Do you have a stuffy nose?

    • HRV Meditation

      I am trying to publish for the very first time in Google Books and keep getting this same message by 50, 60 of them. I know I need to study HTML, however, can you tell me what this is and how I can fix this in my eBook. FYI, I used h1, h2, h3 for titles, sections, and subsections throughout my book. "Error while parsing file 'attribute "link" not allowed here; expected attribute "class", "dir", "id", "style", "title" or "xml:lang"

    • Angel Todorov

      I hope you got over that cold.

    • mulic benjamin

      this video is wayyyyyy too long for what it is

    • SanityOne

      Thanks so much…nice work…good points…covers stuff other videos leave out.

    • Le Phuong Nam

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    • Riska WD

      please give me This app calibri sir
      share with me

    • Cesar Zamora

      Man you talk to much and it is too difficult to follow you, you spend more than 10 min saying nothing. Get me a break

    • Kaushik Dubey

      How to add page flip option in ebook for amazon?

    • Dr G.Stephen

      Very useful to me…I would like to know how to change the calibre logo …because i want use my institute logo and name instead of Calibre ebook management….please…

    • MrJohn013

      I think this is a great detailed video. Someone like myself, who is in the process of writing a book and looking at all of the options this is a treasure. You really detail how to use this program. Thank you. Please ignore the trolls. It seems some people have nothing better to do than to spread negativity. GREAT CONTENT!!!!

    • Natasa Veljkovska

      There are a few tips for profiting from the internet
      Look for someone that is already successful and become their student
      Buy a teach yourself product and follow it.
      (I read these and the reasons they work on Mackynzie Magic Method website )

    • Ashraf vk

      Great video content! Sorry for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you researched – Tarbbatigan ebook master Tip (google it)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning how to create an ebook minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at last got great results with it.

    • BedLight

      Thanks so much ­čÖé

    • Elaine Taylor

      Very informative, thank you.

    • Lazy Turtle

      Multi tasking while listening to this tutorial and you had my most attention 100% of the time – so BIG thank you for creating this great tutorial. You rock! P.S. Hope you are feeling better.

    • Maxim Berzan

      I found it very difficult to focus on the content you are trying to deliver. I wish I could share my observations in a private message, but since I don't know how I'll just post them here.
      – Recording an instructional video when you are sick is perhaps not the best idea – your voice gives away you are well congested and it does not sound great at all; the recurrent sniffing is distracting and annoying.
      – Given the video is titled " Calibre Tutorial" there is way too much irrelevant information at the beginning – the first mention of "Caliber" per se comes after 5+ minutes of rambling. (I understand that there is value in comparing some of the most popular tools available for people in this line of work, but I think it maybe made more sense to produce a separate video about all that for the interested audience, instead of cramming everything into one session.)
      – There is a lot of verbal debris and bits that don't add anything significant or lead anywhere. The narrative feels scattered too. 29 minutes is a lot of time for a tutorial; I think everything you talked about in your video can be covered in half as much time.
      I am not a pro. Not even close. But if tutorials is what you want to be doing for a living, or for now, I thought feedback from an average user might be useful. It is, after all, very neat that you spent your time to share your knowledge with others.

    • Khvan Veronika

      Very useful video, thank you)
      I have a question) Can i add a video in book in that programm?)

    • kevin frederick

      We live in the time when there's officially HTML5 being praised and accepted. Knowing that, is it possible to create eBooks in real hi-def (as in quality images, different fonts and sizes of text and much more) ? What is your take on that? ?

    • Dreighen

      Thumbs up for referring Stephen's course. He's the man.


      Do you know How to change the paragraph from right to left ,if you have Arabic book

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