Clickfunnels alternative membership site plugin Optimizepress is not only cheaper than Clickfunnels but a much better memberships site plugin.

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Optimizepress is a one time fee and a wordpress plugin whereas Clickfunnels is a monthly fee and hosted on their servers.

There’s no denying that Clickfunnels does alot, BUT their membership design is very limited, not only that, I had an existing list of members that I needed importing and Clickfunnels support said there was no way of doing that.

With optimizepress on the other hand, I could not only import existing members with ease, their members area design has far, far more flexibility than what Clickfunnels did.

Optimizepress can build squeeze pages, landers and sales funnels etc just as Clickfunnels can do yet it is more flexible.

I honestly do not see the point of paying monthly fees for something that Optimizepress can do for a one time fee. I highly recommend it especially if you are looking for a wordpress membership site builder.

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