Since recording this, I have moved my membership site away from ClickFunnels… here is why:

Clickfunnels pricing review. Start with a free 14 day Clickfunnels trial here:

The Clickfunnels software package is a powerful and fast way to build high converting optin pages and marketing funnels fast.

For most people who are entering the world of internet marketing and online business, Clickfunnels offers an amazing value that can save several hours per week in dealing with the ’tech’ side of things.

Acting as a full marketing stack, you can build out an opt in page, sales page, checkout page, shopping cart and product delivery page in minutes.

Clickfunnels does all the hard work of setting up the marketing funnel and linking each page or funnel step with the next… All you have to do is choose your template and add your copy.

This is the base of the Clickfunnels software and the real power lies in your ability to setup split tests on your conversion pages fast.

This is how you can take a website or marketing funnel from being an average performer to a top performing website that can revolutionize your online business.

With this said, it is important to state that if you are a seasoned WordPress user and would prefer a self hosted option, I do use and enjoy WordPress with Thrive Themes and Member Mouse in place of Clickfunnels.

But for most people who are limited on time and skills in the tech side of things, Clickfunnels is a great option and at its current price, is a great value.

If you are still wondering if Clickfunnels is for you, watch this video next:

If you want a full review and tour of click funnels, to look inside the dashboard and the page editor, go here:

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    • SMMA 52

      Awesome Video Miles! thanks for the assistance!

      I'm currently using the 297 package. After seeing this I've downgraded & created an Aweber account!

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