Go from a beginner with ActiveCampaign to advanced in this complete Active Campaign tutorial from July 2015! See everything included in this complete free online course by reading more below. Get access to the full courses on Udemy at https://bizsysman.com/udemy or directly at https://www.udemy.com/active-campaign-power-start/?couponCode=YTDESC2131

First, the video begins with a section for getting started with ActiveCampaign! Click on a time to skip straight there.
00:56 Signing Up with ActiveCampaign
02:50 ActiveCampaign Overview
07:17 The Different Versions Of ActiveCampaign
09:11 Upgrading Your Free Trial

Why Switch to ActivCampaign
10:06 Why Switch From Another Email System
12:57 Differences Between ActiveCampaign and AWeber
15:04 The Key Difference Between ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp
17:12 Things to Check Before Switching

Advanced Planning Before Creating Anything
19:03 Should You Have One List or Many?
22:33 Single or Double Optin?

Creating Your Lists
25:50 Creating Your First List
27:39 Waiting Before Import From Another System

Creating Forms
28:09 Creating a Form
30:28 Key Form Settings
34:07 Styling Your Form
37:04 Adding Your Form to Your Website
38:44 Adding Your Form to Facebook
40:35 Adding Your Form to a WordPress Site
43:20 Integrating with Third Party Software
46:17 Integrating with OptimizePress
51:36 Integrating with ThriveLeads

Creating Automations
54:19 Introduction to ActiveCampaign Automations
56:58 The Different Automation Starts
59:16 The Different Automation Tasks
01:04:52 Publishing Your Automation

01:05:35 Wrap Up

Get more on my website at http://bizsysman.com/. View all my Udemy courses at http://bizsysman.com/udemy/.

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    12 replies to "Complete ActiveCampaign Tutorial 2015: Go from Beginner to Advanced Today!"

    • RosMyster

      Best course so far, thanks!!

    • Blue Torch Mobile

      is there any video instruction that shows how to just send the email?

    • Sam Gerrans

      Really good overview. Thanks.

    • Brian D. Meeks

      Just for your own edification, I started watching this video and saw you offered the Udemy course, and immediately went and bought it.

      It looks like a great course and a bargain at $25.00.


    • Miguel Jara

      Do you have a training to use pipelines and deals?

    • Olya Kornienko

      Hi Rob. Thank you very much for this video, I actually bought Udemy course before watching this video…. as I liked that it is broken into small videos. But I still can't find an answer to my question… I have lists in Aweber. I actually imported them already (before I got to the lesson – don't import it).. I can delete them of course.
      So what are the steps? Should I create automations first and then import lists? I think I am missing something here…Thank you

    • Scott Leigh

      Ive had AC for about 8 months now , the $9 month version, yet it looks and behaves differently to yours. The tabs have different names and what you make look so simple, like removing 'active campaign' from a form is nigh on impossible.. I was going to get your larger course but i doubt I will be able to follow as what i see on my screen is quite different.

    • JPatrick McClure


    • Stefano Aiello

      Hi rob, thank for the video!
      I have just one problem: when I try to import the webform on my page, i have a lot of blank space between my text and the form.

      I know is something about HTML code but I don't know which parameter should I change. Can you help me?

      Here you can see a screenshot:


      Thank you friend.

    • Jakub Idziak

      Great job ! 🙂

    • Tisha Burns

      Thanks for the video it was very helpful

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