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David Farr talks with corporate entertainer Tom Crowl about how he uses his Amazing System auto responder set up with contact forms on his web site to automatically guide web site visitors into opting in to his site and take them through the sales process. By capturing sales leads, he is then able to increase his business and market to these prospects.

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Back in the year 2000, I was introduced to this thing called autoresponders, and maybe we’ll explain that a little bit later, but I actually went into it just to see how it could help automate my business, and respond to clients faster, respond to prospects requests for information faster and more efficiently. It’s marketing on the web, it’s being proactive with your marketing on the web. I think a lot of people are not very proactive. Case in point, here we’re looking at a web site that I just recently found, it’s actually a local friend and competitor of mine here in the Minneapolis area. His contact page, you will notice, is just his phone number and his email address. The thing about this is, it makes it very difficult when you have just an email address or a phone number. it makes it very difficult for you to efficiently respond to a lead. Because nine times out of ten, when they email you, they’re going to say, how much do you charge? And that’s all they’re going to tell you or all they’re going to ask you and or tell you about their event. And then you have to reply back, Well, Suzie, thank you so much for your message, you know, what kind of event are you having? When is it? Where is it? All that stuff. Well you can eliminate a lot of that back and forth-ness right off the bat, by simply having a contact form for them to fill out with all the details that you need to give them an accurate price quote from the very beginning, so you can eliminate a lot of that so-called email tag.

If you go to my contact page here, you’ll see I ask them everything that I need in order to give them an accurate quote right up front. So when they fill out my form, I know everything, I can actually give them, I don’t have to go back and forth like okay, how many people are you expecting? And where is it? And all this stuff that takes a lot of time. That’s one tip I can give everyone right now is, get a form on your web site. Don’t do what my friend here is doing by simply having an email address and or a phone number right there. I mean that’s good, obviously that is better than nothing, but you definitely want to have some kind of initial contact form that someone can fill out to get in touch with you, so that way you’re not wasting all that initial time upfront.

By using an autoresponder to capture the information, when people fill out your web site contact form, you can instantly respond and begin marketing your services in a personalized way. Using opt in or opt-in contact forms takes you from a brochure web site to being proactive in your marketing.

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