Agile CRM has a pretty neat and unique way for managing contacts.

Contact Managemet in Agile lets you to use existing filters or create custom ones to easily sort through massive lists of contacts anytime you want.

You can name your filters based on your filter requirements. You name your filter as “Gmail contacts”, then you can set a condition for a tag to appear as soon as you sync your gmail contacts with Agile CRM.

You can create multiple conditions based on created date, email id, first name etc. You can also filter contacts from the custom fields you added.

You can remove the conditions by just clicking on ‘x’ button appearing after the condition.

Find out more about contact management in Agile CRM :

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    • Nic Dale

      Was the purpose of the filter to remove gmail addresses or display them?  After you applied the filter the 3 contacts displayed did not have gmail addresses.

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