Cornerstone is – in my humble opinion – the best WordPress Page Builder I have used. You can do so many more things than just put some text, pictures, and links. With the help of sections, rows, and columns you can build interesting, interactive sites that are mobile friendly and ready for prime time.

In this video, I will give you an overview of how to get WordPress setup to use a static page as a front page. We’ll set up a Blog page additionally to have all the posts on one page as well. And I will give an overview of how to use Cornerstone which is the amazing Page builder built by the team and comes free with each X Theme installation.

Let’s get started.

Cornerstone by (aff)
Cornerstone Intro by
X Theme CSS Classes by
X Theme CSS Classes Cheat Sheet:
(The previous creator of this PDF [] sadly have the site no longer available, I re-uploaded the file here. I don’t own the rights to it. I just find it valuable.)

My Playlist About Building Your Online Platform:

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X Theme for WordPress: (aff)
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Other WordPress Themes in the ThemeForest: (aff)

Namecheap Domains and Hosting: (aff)
Newsletters with ConvertKit: (aff)

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    13 replies to "Cornerstone the X Theme Page Editor and How to Build a WordPress Page"

    • irie soul

      My blog link shows URL Not found and I followed exactly what you did in the video….?

    • Mitch Kranitz

      Great job, Chris! Thanks for this – You covered the angle in/out for sections which was one of the items that I wanted to know about!

    • Germán González

      Great tutorial! just learning to use wordpress, with x themes, this has been so useful! Great work, thanks!

    • Niki H.

      Do you know if there is a way to maintain formatting when cut/paste information from MS Word into cornerstone?

    • Jill Burk

      How do I add a link to a source of information within my content, I want it to look like text not a long ugly link

    • Odin Teigland

      Thanks for the tutorial.
      I've got one problem I hope someone can help me with. I can't align the text or the images. I've probably tried to click the image, row or sequence and then clicked everything on the left menu, but nothing happens. Of course I've tried clicking the text align, just like 08:50 in this video, nothing happens. Also tried to put in a css code, which didn't work either.
      Does anyone know why, or how to fix it?

    • James Pyle

      Can cornerstone do everything Webflow can do?

    • Rash N

      how can we link the sections to "categories"? cant find any setting on cornerstone that allows to show all the different categories on the page 🙁

    • Biessonder deskundige begeleiding bij eenzaamheid

      Thank you, this is a very good first instruction! Do You know if there is a good manual?

    • Juri

      Thanks dude! I'm just getting started with Cornerstone and this tutorial really saved some time. Good work!

    • L. Laster

      The Cheat Sheet is missing from this site: X Theme CSS Classes Cheat Sheet:
      Any way I can find it?

    • Randall Curtis

      Chris, my friend. You are a very smart fellow and obviously know Cornerstone very well. But are you aware how fast your are going in trying to instruct a person to use Cornerstone? You are making many assumptions about the speed at which a person can learn. For example, as you talk about the various selections, you only click something once and quickly jump to another thing to click when there person has had no time to grasp or assimilate the process of your first selection.There is just too much happening to see how its all connecting without going back over and over the instructions countless times to get it right. Don't you have a slow and steady hands on approach, step by step to learn Cornerstone that keeps in mind that these are instructions for BEGINNERS?? So many techies are very bright and know there stuff but so many of them need to take a course in how to teach a beginner. They seem to lack the insight to jump in a beginner's shoes and teach from that position. Can you refer me to someone who teaches Cornerstone in this way??? Thanks, Chris. Good luck to you.

    • Gemma Boak

      Thank you so much, you have saved me so much time!

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