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I was looking for a simple to use plugin that allowed me to create clickable “hotspots” on an image for a project I was working on, and I found Image Hotspot by DevVN to be a perfect fit.

It’s super-lightweight, and doesn’t come with a bunch of features I won’t use. It would be nice to have a few more customization options, but otherwise, it was a piece of cake to use.

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    21 replies to "Create a clickable hotspot map with this WordPress plugin"

    • Sarah Porter

      Hey there just watched your tutorial. Very helpful. Iv added a map and hot spots etc with the suggested plugin. However it doesn’t look good on a mobile device. Looks great on a desktop. However the dots don’t scale on mobile and the info box takes over the entire screen and refuses to link to the desired page. Any advice on this? Super appreciated. Thanks

    • David Brett

      Would have been good if it let you add more than one pin, as I used it on a map showing Church locations, 7 in total.

    • RJW

      dude, u were about 5 yrs into the future, its now 2021, an attempted pres coup, failed, text still dominate, twitter<hope to see if this app stil exists>people need a moral visual app>

    • Delfina Paesani Rosello

      Hello! Thank you so much for this video, I was looking for something like that to do on a map. My question is: is it compatible with Elementor? Im using Elementor to create the website. Thanks in advance!

    • John Adkison

      Thank you! I used this to create:

    • Frederik Declercq

      Is it only the world map or can you point to a certain location?

    • PYFOX

      Just watched this video, started you saying how happy you would be to hit 1k subs. Great to see you're now at 10X that 🙂

    • Dom Hom

      the Draw Attention plugin is another great option. It doesn't really have markers to drop on the image like this tutorial, but you can draw any custom hotspot area on top of an image. And it's fully responsive for mobile/tablet/desktop devices

    • Luís Eduardo de Souza Billoria Alves

      Saved my life! Thanks!

    • Kathrin Feser

      Hi! Thank you very much for your great tutorial on making an interactive image! I managed making my own, a couple of weeks ago, but at this point didn't have all the information that was supposed to go with each link on the image. My problem: I don't know how to get back to the image with the set pins so that I could add my info. Is it possible that I have to delete the plugin and start from scratch? Another question, I can't find it in menu, rather found the image the way I left it back then by accident. Any advise and help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

    • AmnesiaGm1

      Responsive ? Once you have placed your markers in the editor, will it keep the proper position of the markers according to the reduced background ?

    • Brian Snellgrove

      Hi there are now 9k downloads OK very good but in the 'further details' no advice about installations. Just Lorem Ipsum i.e. he hasn't bothered to write anything. :-((

    • Thee Apollo

      i want to achieve the same effect WPVoyager has where they have the map as a header and it had multiple pins and had multiple posts from that pin that you can choose from. it has a drop down to show each post title you can choose from. how do you achieve this cause i dont really want to buy the whole theme just use that part in another theme.

    • Anselmo López

      Hey, good job. but i have a cuestion. Why can not I move the icon to the right, in backend, have a limit?

    • Brian Shoemake

      What makes you think you're so fucking awesome that people want to look at your fucking face???

    • NDD

      If you are looking for a premium plugin with many more features and customer support, look for "Image Map Pro"

    • baiier

      Thank you for the tutorial, didn‘t try it out yet but looks very promising.
      Is there actually a way to implement that in the elementor plugin?
      Thank you for your help!

      Edit: Just figured it out, I guess it works through the shortcode widget within the elemntor plugin.
      I also came across the Elementor Extras plugin-bundle, which includes a widget, that let you design a hotspot-map or else.

    • Caio Nogueira

      is it responsive? many interactive maps plugins are not responsive, mainly on iphones.

    • Debbie Hastings

      The plugin doesn't let me move the "pin" around freely.

    • Billy B

      Thanks buddy! You're a life saver

    • Rodel Oquila

      is there any plug-in that I can use for like a room where are plenty of objects I need to have info's

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