Are you finally ready to create your membership site? In this video, you’ll learn how to set up a membership site so you can create a profitable members only area.

We’ll walk you through it step by step so you can get up and running quickly.

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To begin this guide we will be setting up the site using BlueHost who we have negotiated a coupon that you can use by clicking the link below:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:33 What is Hosting
0:02:18 Get Domain Name, Hosting, and WordPress Installed
0:04:50 Clean up dashboard
0:06:01 Install SSL Certificate
0:09:14 Install Astra
0:09:44 Install Astra Starter Sites
0:13:45 Customize Theme
0:22:37 Edit with Beaver Builder
0:29:33 Edit Menu
0:31:07 Add Form to Contact Page
0:35:33 Set up Blog page
0:37:04 Set Permalinks (URL structure)
0:37:57 Create a Logo Using Canva
0:43:26 MemberPress Intro
0:44:34 Install MemberPress
1:08:09 Thank you!

Once you’ve installed the site on BlueHost if it wasn’t set up with the SSL certificate you can update the URL using the Really Simple SSL plugin from the repository here:

Really Simple SSL

The plugin will work with your SSL certificate to ensure anyone visiting the site will have the padlock icon next to your URL which confirms the site is secure and using https.

For setting up this site we will be using the Astra theme found here:


As well as the Beaver Builder page builder to help customize it. If you use a different theme then you may have different customization options available to you. Design the site how you would like it to display for your visitors, with the Astra theme and Beaver Builder you can create almost any design you’re looking to add to your site.

With the site set up, you will want to install MemberPress to set up your site to become a membership site. The video will walk you through the different customization steps involved and you can find Memberpress here:

WordPress Membership Plugin

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    19 replies to "Create a Membership Website with WordPress (That Makes Money)"

    • Russ Cote

      Really great video. Guys how to do you make PAGES restricted? Categories and tags in POSTS I get. But I can't find how to restrict PAGES? Thank you!

    • Micro Tasker

      All I want was something to restrict content that needed an email capture that then sent the signup to an email address. This does that but this is the only option?

    • ilhem b

      Using memberpress when it comes to payment can we like add payment with ccp ???

    • spare

      Is it easy enough to edit the look/CSS of all of the features to suit the site?

    • William Moore

      Great stuff! Perfect for a WP newbie like myself.

    • T G

      This video is really helpful. I'm learning Elementor. Do you have an Elementor version of this for creating a non-profit Membership site?

    • Ant Brad

      Thanks so much for your prompt response… I love your site and of course your tutorials are so good! Step by step 100% – I'm wondering if you have a tutorial on how to add a "Comments Section" to my WP Site so visitors can interact with each other? Something similar to facebook comments (but of course not the whole facebook thing going on… just an open comments section so people can get involved in discussions

    • Ant Brad

      Hi, excellent tut and so well done… thank you… I already have my site, does my site have to be a dedicated membership site? Can I not just have a separate page fir membership?

    • david drif

      that absolutely awesome only one and fatal problem i don't have nothing to offer unless if people are willing to sign up to empty membership site

    • DonVito Peconi

      There is no instal now buton on Astra Starter sites, why?

    • Peace Be Still

      I tried this, but after importing the template and clicking on Visit Site, it says "Page not found." Any idea what's wrong?

    • mano marwat

      hello mam we want education website

    • Ronnie Walter Biz Coach for Creatives

      What a fantastic video–wow, great presentation, super clear on the steps to take.

    • Len Chow

      Thank you very much! That is really helpful!

    • ASTUTS


      I can use any theme, can't I?

    • Richard Beezley

      Are there any membership plug-ins that allow you to create a relationship between users and capture custom information. For example a parent child relationship and you can capture certain information for the parent and certain information for the child.

    • SpectraLight Photography

      Excellent video with thorough explanation of the plugin. Thank you for the timestamps to jump to the various sections of your tutorial. Looking forward to creating content in your next video!

    • Alvin Miles

      There are no timestamps

    • Lori Mast

      I see no timestamps.

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