In this tutorial I show you step by step how to create a member area in your WordPress website using OptimizePress. With this plugin you can create beatiful pages and automate the course structure, meaning that OptimizePress takes away a lot of manual labour you should do if you would create those pages on your own.

OptimizePress automatically generates fully responsive pages for you when you with no extra work. So now your landing pages, sales pages and membership sites will all look stunning on any device.

OptimizePress comes in WordPress Theme & Plugin formats, so is fully integrated with the WordPress CMS. You can use the plugin version of OP with any other theme if you want to keep your main blog design.

You also benefit from the power of the WordPress eco-system and the thousands of plugins available to add additional functionality and optimization to your websites

If you’re not sure where to start with your page, simply use one of our pre-made templates to give you an instant head-start. You can click to edit anything on the page, or add more elements from our Element Browser to add more functionality to fit your requirements.

The revolutionary Element Browser system houses over 40 different elements, each with different styles and options so you can add almost unlmited functionality to your page. Choose from elements such as Headlines, Order boxes, Testimonial Blocks, Progress Bars, Countdown Timers, Video & Audio Players and much more

    28 replies to "Create A Restricted Member Area | OptimizePress Tutorial"

    • Always around the world

      Super bedankt Ferdy je legt het heel fijn uit en dit is echt waar ik naar op zoek was

    • Social Tricker

      Waouh thank you so much for the value !

    • Farhan Awan

      Ferdy Korpershoek if I change the settings will i lose the pages created with optimizepress that I am inside? can you let me know please? thank you

    • Nurse Vivian

      this is awesome, and straight to the point. thanks a lot. I know how strenuous this can be

    • Gerson Castellanos

      Hi Ferdy, awesome video it helps me a lot you have a new subscriber now… please help me with this, in this tutorial I see you use vimeo to host your course videos and I want to know how do you configure the video to make it private and only people who buy the course can see it? Is it possible with a free vimeo account?

    • Adeola Babatunde

      Hi @Ferdy is there a limit to how many users I can add to my optimize press site? I added about 17 so far and it is not adding anyone anymore.

    • tech Ars

      Hi I am applying restrictions on the pages exactly the way you applied..but idk the restrictions are not working please help

    • pelle makarna

      Great video! do you have the demo site online? how do I protect image and text? how do you do your thumbnails?

    • Us Flipper

      Best tutorial ever !

    • Adeola Babatunde

      Thanks Ferdy you are a life saver….optimize press should reward you for this

    • Mariella Wilson

      Thanks a million, Ferdy. Absolutely create video. Super helpful .

    • Abdo Eltalawy

      how can I give them a username and password ????

    • Wise Trader

      Thank you Ferdy. It helps a lot. Just want to ask, how did you create your homepage?

    • Universidade da Crise

      Perfect your step by step tutorial, it was exactly what i needed! Thanks

    • Andreas Schmitz

      Just a question:

      can you also add more than one  Online Courses into one Member Area?

    • NightBitFire

      I've 9 publishers key for optimizepress theme and plugin , anybody interested can get one key at $25 and all 9 for $150, contact me niraj2041atgmaildotcom

    • Kati Stage

      Love the way you teach Ferdy 🙂 This was very helpful. Thanks!

    • Social Tricker

      Woooooow so much Value ! U da Man ! 😉

    • Thomas Koch

      Very good tutorial exactly what I needed after days of frustration with other membership plugins ***

    • jlupdate nah77

      What grants your users to the membership pages, does the PayPal purchase give them a username and password?

    • Benjoe Carandang

      Hello, I created a Paypal button to upgrade my test account to Free Subs to Gold Member. I want to test the recurring payment but when I go to the user profile using an admin account the Automatic EOT Time is blank? But I got no error on payment and it deduct on my paypal.

    • Dawid Polsakiewicz

      Great Job Ferdy 🙂 THX.

    • Ezz Tech

      to make user registration form with login, not wordpress standard login form, and make privileges to allow some users explore some pages and the other not, which plugin can do that?

    • Ivan Kakeeto

      You're Good. Really Good! Thanks

    • Joy Unleashed

      Hi in your tutorial you use Avia Layout builder for your no access page .. I don't have this on my site .. where can i get it or something like it to be able to continue building the no access page

    • Karen Lawrence

      Great presentation. Thank you! What WordPress theme are you using in this video?

    • CPA marketingacademy

      your site does not have a ssl certificate

    • Visionary Basketball

      You are a life saver! You've saved me soooooo many extra hours with this tutorial. Thank you!

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