In our second episode of Funnel Fridays Russell and Jim build out a sales funnel for promoting a fruit infused water bottle.

Russell builds all the pages using clickfunnels and then Jim creates all the copy using funnelscripts. By the end of this episode there is a full sales funnel built.

Want the funnel and software?

    14 replies to "Create This Sales Funnel For Physical Products – Our Infused Water Bottle Sales Funnel Example"

    • Ayman Gomaa

      not gonna lie, when jim was saying the OTO script… i felt the biggest urge to take out my wallet and buy this thing. holy shit. the value stacking with the weight loss secrets and all that shit works like magic.

    • HIDlarissaTERRY

      Hey hey hey Steve!!!!!! hello to you!!!!!!

    • HIDlarissaTERRY

      ouch my goodness!!!!!! hahahahahahahah

    • James Lake

      he speaks too fast and even his own people can't keep up. You have to speak clearly when presenting such important info

    • Kevin Clausen

      Russel and Jim that was some excellent value to see you both break down a funnel in 30 mins with order bumps and the stacking with using scripts and choosing the Hook Headlines Thanks Again for the tremendous value you both bring to the world of Internet Marketing just understanding and seeing how you both approach it like its a walk in the park and watching Jim use funnel scripts in action. Clickfunnels isn't just a tool it comes with a family atmosphere and to me, that's what I think of being a member of Clickfunnels is truly about.

    • Rodrigo Andres Aguayo Roco

      Pure Gold, I think if just people take this lessons and apply can take a dying bussiness into a gold mine!

    • Elizabeth Dapilan

      fantastic one! helps a lot for newbie

    • Starquality One Products

      I would have liked to got this script done we should pick that up next that is very important to some of us newcomers with money

    • Pure Yacon Syrup Reviews!

      So is this a dropshipping product? If I build a funnel for a dropshipping product how can I do upsells or take the payment via CF? Do i just send them to the dropshipper website?

    • Doug Dennis The Alkaline Life Coach

      This is how my wife and I work back and forth. The mastermind. Time to funnel! Cant wait to read both your books. 🙂 peace

    • Jason Anguiano

      Where do you promote the page? and how did you find which website to hack for traffic?

    • Kangen Jen

      I love how the content and info is so "raw" and "impromptu"!  we get to see the real you, not the one that has been versed in speech and your speech bits!  The REAL Russell!!!  Keep giving it!

    • Jason Hall

      Hi Russell is Their a link for this funnel I have a similar product as well

    • Alan Tutt

      Russell, looks like you just need to create a few "blank" templates for "build your own" pages. Or maybe create some simple templates that match what you want.

      Great concept, and I completely admire and respect what you're doing here. I've been a fan of Jim's for quite some time, and it's great to know he's still around.

      That being said, it's one thing to be able to build pages quickly, but it's something else entirely to have them actually be profitable. It would be great to have followup videos showing the sales stats from the pages you're building here.

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