Viral Loops is an all-in-one referral marketing platform to create viral giveaways, contests, and rewards.

On this webinar, we sit down with the team from Viral Loops to show you how their platform helps you promote a product launch, find new customers, and nurture existing ones with templates to build successful referral marketing campaigns in minutes, with zero coding.

This tool is available for a limited time at

    4 replies to "Customize referral campaigns in minutes that get people talking about your business with Viral Loops"

    • Marin Knežević

      Is it possible to set up the campaign on local language – 100% translation of all visible elements or it is English only?

    • Maurice Koks

      interesting product, I couldn't resist this shameless deal either, I double stacked also as this is something I might use in the future and this time I redeemed the code's on time. Now the only comment (constructive criticism !!) on this video I would like to make is that it wouldn't hurt to check your background Lyndsay a simple green curtain with a virtual background with Appsumo and viral-loops logo would look 1000% better, and you might want to put your camera up, it will look much more professional and in line with Appsumo branding.

    • A Guy Named Jenny Jones

      It is an awesome product, but still have some tiny bugs.. Love this product though. I double stacked the codes.

    • Patrick Melody

      requesting integration with moosend please.

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