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In this Deadline Funnel review I’m going to walk you through why this software is absolutely critical if you are selling anything online. Deadline funnel is a cloud based software tool that allows you to add count down timers to your sales pages, upsell pages and funnels. The idea of this count down timer is so you can add scarcity to your sales page so people make the decision to buy before the count down timer runs out.

Deadline Funnel Review

I was introduced to Deadline Funnel as a student of David Siteman Garland’s Create Awesome Online Courses. If you are selling any type of online course or a product online scarcity is one of the best ways to drive more sales.

The idea is to use a count down timer to increase the chances of someone making the decision to buy. If they don’t buy within the time they have been given, the enrollment for your product will close and generally the user will need to sign up on some sort of wait list.

Deadline Funnel allows you to add a slick looking count down timer to not only your sales page but you can even integrate it within your emails that you send out to your customers as well.

As soon as you setup a campaign you are asked to answer a series of questions that will build out your count down for you. They guide you through a quick start page to setup all of the steps needed to get your count down ready to roll.

They include a very helpful tutorial section on exactly how to get started. You will need to implement code onto your landing page, an email marketing provider (I use ConvertKit), design your count down timer for the sales page and email and finally you will need to test to make sure everything is working.

I didn’t have any issues setting up my first Deadline Funnel and found the software pretty simple to get going. If anything I was nervous about timing to make sure as soon as someone opt’s into my list that the count down timer would start and I’d have my emails synced up properly by the time I hit them with the sales pitch.

You can setup both evergreen and launch style funnels. An evergreen funnel is designed so that regardless of when a person signs up the funnel is always starting from scratch for them, meaning if someone signs up today or 5 days from now they will experience the exact same timing on my funnel.

As soon as someone signs up to this page a 7 day timer is triggered. I ended up triggering it from a pixel that is enabled on the ’thank you’ page which in my case is video 1 of this series.

The user is automatically added to my Convertkit email sequence where an email is sent out every day for the next 7 days. The idea of this is to provide tons of value in the free videos series and by the end of the funnel give them the opportunity to purchase my high end course.

Right around day 4 I send them to my sales page for the SEO Consulting Blueprint, by this point they will have around 4 days left to make a choice if they should buy or not with the Deadline Funnel count down timer.

On days 6 and 7 I send out emails that also include the count down timer right inside of the email, this really boosts the chances of generating more sales and getting people to buy. With most email marketing campaigns there is a ratio of people that open (say 20%) and an even smaller portion of those people that open the emails. To also include the timer in the email itself, it really drives up the chances of getting people to go and check out the offer.

If they choose not to buy, the page will automatically re-direct and send them to a “Wait list” page which prevents them from enrolling.

All of this is automatically happening behind the scenes with Deadline Funnel and it works wonders.

All of the activity from the leads you generate is also being tracked on a cookie, IP address and email so this allows tracking to occur across mobile devices, desktop and through email regardless of where the user tries to visit from.

Here are some of the features you get with Deadline Funnel:

-Setup multiple campaigns for your sales pages and products
-Simple Quick Start Setup and Testing
-Integrate count down timers through pixels, a WordPress plugin or even through an API connection
-Integrates with all of the major email marketing platforms like ConvertKit
-Fully customizable count down timers for both the sales page and email countdowns
-Zapier integration (works with just about anything)
-Email and chat support (They jumped on Skype with me too!)
-Track stats from your leads including time of opt-in, IP address and email address
-Works with site-to-site funnels – My opt-in is on a different site from my sales page

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