MailPoet helps you stand out in any inbox by creating and delivering beautiful emails directly from WordPress.

On this webinar, we sit down with the team from MailPoet to show you how their plugin allows you to create and send emails from inside WordPress with beautiful, customizable templates, automate your welcome, abandoned cart, and other emails with WooCommerce integration, and make your life easier by letting you work within the WordPress platform that you’re already using to manage your website.

This tool is available for a limited time at

    6 replies to "Design and manage award-winning emails inside WordPress with MailPoet"

    • Elysian Delights

      I got onto the trial plan, and it is missing major features. So switching now but since I use wordpress, I would really urge you guys to make it better at segmentation of both subscribers and customers. Most platforms leave out subscribers. I wish to take care of both so currently starting out with a compromise. Hope you guy get better analytics, automation & segmentation.

    • Eu sou Joao Silva

      does emails fall in promotions or normal email box?

    • Moynulamin amin

      I'm planning to buy the 5000 subscribers plan. Say I go over 5000 subs, do I then move onto monthly pricing? Or will you sort sumos out with single one off pricing? Thanks

    • Women In The Zone

      Do these emails go to spam or inbox?

    • Vegard Bell

      Greetings from Norway 😉

    • Max Ziebell

      One question. Is the "silence" and avoidance on MailPoet <–> WishList a good thing or an indicator that they don't like each other? I am just asking for a hint as it influences last-minute stacking of either deal!

      PS: Found my Brizy-Form request on the feature request page. So removing it here.

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