Divi landing page layouts

In this video, I show you how to create Divi landing page layouts in WordPress. In episode 1, I show you step by step on how to create a course landing page using Divi. This template design can also be used with Cartflows to create a funnel.


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    4 replies to "Divi landing page layouts – Designing Online Course Landing Page"

    • Prem Sagar

      How to get this page as template?

    • Paul Stewart

      I have been training technical subjects for years and wanted to pass on big thumbs up for all your material. Well delivered and amazingly useful…. anyone wondering what to buy that will pay dividends… DIVI and THESE videos hit the spot. ??

    • Marku Jol

      Could you offer us the finished theme?

    • Kristijan Benic

      Didnt even watched the first 20 seconds and instant liked this video. This series is exactly what i need. Thank you sir, you are the best

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