In Divi theme example, I am going to show you step by step how to make a landing page for a product. The idea is this tutorial is to make the product look great and make people want to buy it.

I start by taking photos of the mixer using my DSLR camera and then import them to Photoshop for optimizing. The rest of the design is done using Divi.

Although I am making this tutorial based on a mixer, you can apply the same techniques to any product.


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    7 replies to "Divi theme example – Building a product landing page"

    • Stanford Lee

      Please do share your finished page in a JSON template with a downloadable link. So more beginners are able to upload and check the setting as shown in the video.

    • Scott Baron

      Hands down one of the MOST important TUTS you ever created.

    • CHIKH Ahmed

      Hi Mak

      Is it possible you show Us how to build an affiliate website with Divi ?

      Thank you a lot

    • Ayman Albarbary

      Sorry, Mac! But your landing page is not ideal for any prodct. You missed the reviews/testimonials section. No product price…No forms. No USPs (free shipping, refund, etc)

      I would say, you were bored and wanted to through in a video LOL

      We still love you…no hard feelings brother

    • soum

      I don't know why I watched this video when I already knew how to make these…. maybe because I just like to watch your videos?

      One thing you missed is optimising every section for mobile and tablet. I do that.

    • Praveen Sharma

      The concept of this video is actually very good as you get to see the approach of a industry professional and his workflow….

    • Ratapelua71

      First comment! 😛

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