Divi vs Elementor Comparison

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0:01 Intro and Overview
1:35 Ease of use
9:26 Pre-made Templates
14:20 Support
17:26 Pricing
20:24 Innovation and Community
21:39 Final Recommendation

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In this video I finally cover Divi vs Elementor and which WordPress builder I think is the best. I actually already have done a Divi review video as well as an Elementor Pro review video. Now, in fairness I’ve been using both of these builders for years now, and I have honestly been hesitant to make this video as I do actually enjoy using both the Divi builder and Elementor page builder. However, after getting the question hundreds of times I’ve finally decided to make a video about which one I’d recommend at this time and going forward for the future. I hope you enjoy this Elementor vs Divi comparison, and that if you do you give the video a like and subscribe for more WordPress related videos!

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    27 replies to "Divi vs Elementor Comparison | Which Page Builder is Better?"

    • WP With Tom

      Divi: https://wpwithtom.com/divi – 10% off!

      Elementor: https://wpwithtom.com/elementor
      I hope you enjoyed this Divi vs Elementor Comparison – Let me know which builder you like more below!

    • Mahmoud Bostaji

      Man, you have a good 👍 voiceover voice. Make money out of it. Consider book narration too.
      You just need better ecoustic-treated room, so you can record in a nice sound proof environment.

    • Claudio Di Renzo

      I ve got element and divi … i got elementor much easier to use. Divi is great too

    • Pummel

      Nobody can defeat Divi lifetime plan and best support.

    • Ken Abadilla

      Divi is not even close to what Elementor can do. It's like comparing Adobe vs corel and Elementor is like the photoshop of all pagebuilders. If money isn't a problem for you, and you have the extreme talent for web design, go for Elementor. It has everything you need, any creative layout or design you can ever think of, it's almost limitless. One thing I love with Elementor and I think this is the reason why it dominates is because there's a ton of available third-party addons. And again, if money isn't the issue for you, grab every addon you need out there and you'll be amazed what this builder can do. 👍


      Hey Tom, would you do a Elementor vs Brizy?

      That would be a game changer!

    • Renalyn Blando

      You make a good point about trying each out with the money back guarantee

    • Raditz Yt

      Great review. I've got both, and this was a pretty spot on review.

    • Harcharan Singh

      Does anyone in the comments know an Elementor discount code or promo?

    • [YT] Jean gamer ツ

      this is made my decision easier

    • ام الطنافس - الفوقا

      I think the Elementor team has better support bc of FB

    • AVR Spectrum

      Would you recommend getting both if I have the money?

    • akhmad faisal

      First time finding your channel – great comparison!

    • Three3 Losers

      I've always wondered which was better when comparing elementor vs divi


      To save everyone some time he likes Elementor slightly more.

    • Tim Veach

      Great review, I do disagree on the support side. Elementor when support is needed is much slower and not as complete as Divi. The issue of free plan for Elementor, is not my issue as a designer ..it’s Element

    • sonareclipse

      Great review here – and I've watched a lot of them! Pretty set on buying DIVI next week though. What's the deal with the DIVI short code I've been reading about? I get that it can make it difficult if migrating away from DIVI, but other than that, does it affect performance of the site in any way?

    • Bein

      My opinion: Brizy is the best and most user friendly. (free & pro).

    • Money Making

      Good review man!

    • Bible Verses For Sleep

      Thanks for making this video Tom. As you probably know from other videos I commented on I like Elementor more myself.

    • Neutral _Noise

      Is elementor pro worth it? I'm a free version user right now.

    • Alwi Ashari

      I love the free version of Elementor

    • nikesh dika gamer

      Divi lifetime for me!


      Do you think the Thrive builder is good?

    • Advocate K.K

      Divi lifetime plan should make them the easy winner for price.

    • Heart Feelings シ

      Nice break down Tom

    • aZaD SaRaiKi

      I'm team Divi for sure!

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