Do automated webinars still work? Should you even bother? Today I dive into how I’ve tweaked my funnel process and how you can test your own webinars without a bunch of fancy software. ?
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Do Automated Webinars Still Work? Zero Software Webinar Funnel! |Aspire 129

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    4 replies to "Do Automated Webinars Still Work? Zero Software Webinar Funnel! |Aspire 129"

    • Jason Whaling

      What's your take on webinar funnels? Think they are a thing of the past or still useful? Also, curious if you still watch webinars yourself. Personally I know there's almost always a replay so I've stopped showing up. ?

    • Benji's Dad - Online Business Coach

      Hi Jason. Great stuff. I hear what you are saying about not delivering actual training. But have you read Russel brunsons expert secrets? Other than the fact that it's a huge advertisement for click funnels, the principles he discussed for the perfect webinar seem legit. What do you think?

    • Ken Robinson

      Jason – I love your videos – keep up the excellent work. Your approach to videos is building your status as a practical expert in the small business online community! If anyone has any advice – it would be much appreciated – I would like to use automated webinars. But how can you get that live feeling when webinar registrants have to press play to view an automated webinar. I have been using Everwebinar but now that Google Chrome and Safari have stopped autoplay – should I bother anymore with Everwebinar or try some other software? Any suggestions most helpful!

    • Big Blue

      If you want to try webinars for free the try Goole Hangouts. Just been researching Google Apps for some courses I am doing on Skillshare and you can use Hangouts for webinars and workshops.

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