Here are the steps needed to downgrade your WordPress version if you ever run into some upgrade issues.

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    15 replies to "Downgrade Your Version of WordPress"

    • Patricija Cerkaite

      thanks! 4.7 is not for me ­čÖé

    • 22utoo

      Thanks friend, that helped a lot.

    • Matt Allen G

      OK, I don't know what I am doing wrong, probably something really stupid but no matter what version of WP I try to downgrade to it only downgrades me to 4.5.3 and I am trying to go from 4.6 to 4.3.5 – how does it always go to 4.5.3 when I am not downloading those files? I am losing my mind! Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • nevillepriest

      This tutorial fixed my site that was broken by 4.6. Thank you so much!

    • Riggan Rose

      Followed this walkthrough to the last detail, and now I get a blank white screen when I try to login to my admin dashboard. WTF.

    • Sheila J Davis

      Thank you!!! 4.6 broke my site. Saved me!

    • Anne Huisman

      Thank you sir, You saved me a whole lot of work. =)

    • Bhupesh Sharma

      My website is automatically upgraded and i have not idea about my old version of wordpress so how i can found my old version.

    • Shuvam Sehdev

      my god!! love you buddyy!!!.. made my day!

    • sebasti├ín pe├▒a

      You saved my life dude

    • Jean theWebMachine

      Thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Arnold Chitwa

      Thanks Bro, totally saved me a lot of headaches.

    • Martin Ebongue

      YES! This video saved my site. Beyond thanks man

    • Jay Perdue

      Thanks a million. WP 4.5 totally messed up my site. Your instructions here made downgrading super easy. Much appreciated.

    • :Glenroy Boatswain: ApricotLaw

      Thank you. Great video

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