Elementor and Divi are the best WordPress page builders out there. In this Elementor vs Divi comparison, I’m going to break down these two page builders and walk you through their pros and cons, pricing, ease of use, templates, modules, customer support, and other features to help you make a smarter choice.

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WordPress users on both sides of the fence are pretty satisfied with the features and capabilities they get from both these WordPress page builders. But to help you figure out which one will suit your needs better, here’s my recommendation:

If you are new to web design, you want to create your first site, and you are on a budget, then Elementor is the best fit for you. Elementor is an easy-to-use page builder, has a quicker learning curve, comes with more advanced elements to build your design, and is cheaper for a single website.

Now, if you’ve designed a website before, want to improve your design skills, are looking for more advanced styling options, and want value for money in the long term, then get Divi. Its lifetime plan is just sensational.


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    • Website Hosting Rating

      Have you used Elementor or Divi to build your WordPress website? Was it a good or bad experience? What did you like about them? or Do you recommend a better alternative? Leave a comment and let me know

    • MIX wix 2

      Elementor is more strong because about strong community

    • Alexander D

      Elementor pricing has increased massively. It now costs $199 for 25 sites or $999 for 1000 websites. Does this increase weigh the value even more in Divi's favour?

    • Mahmoud Ali

      I used both of them and I know elementor is much rechier on features but I love divi and I use it most of the time

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