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    13 replies to "Email Marketing Beginners | MailPoet LIVE Workshop"

    • Demi Lyndem

      Hi, Thanks for the tutorial. I am a new Blogger and i have question.. how do i connect the form to my site as i am not using divi. i am using oceanwp. I am not able to set up correctly. Is it possible to help..

    • ET Digital Designs Stress Free Tech

      Great review. Thanks for the tips and tricks like linking to Divi optin and customizing the MailPoet pages.

    • Hamza K

      Hi MAK! I hope you're doing good. You are providing great learning content here on youtub. I've a question – Can we link mailpoet to Cartflows order page? For example am offering free ebook in my sales funnel and the person has to input their name and email to get the free ebook. Is there a way to link that information to mailpoet so my mailpoet list will automatically populate when someone register for my free ebook.

    • Ray Brown

      Brilliant review, the best I've seen. Thanks Mak! 🙂

    • Joca Machado

      A mini course would be fantastic. We will be waiting. Great content, happiness …

    • Liviu Stanciu

      Can you add a name tag in the welcome emails? In order to personalize more.

    • Nat

      Thanks for this! I commented on your other video but will mention here again just to flag it up for those who use Divi. For some reason if I use MailPoet in Divi opt-in form it all works fine for a while then just stops working the next day – it just happens that the Subscribe button on the front end no longer opens/reacts to clicks. I only found out because some of the potential subscribers were friends and contacted me directly. This happened several times. In the end I went back to using a 'naive' MailPoet form away from Divid and styling it with CSS. No issues since then, touch wood.

    • tamilonlinebiz

      Hi Mak, How to Automate the email. I am using getrespone there I use zapier for automation. Likewise how to automate this.

    • Alexander Bitev

      Hi Mak, there was an issue with Divi's OptIn+MailPoet – if visitor already exist in the list and he tries to optin, he will get an error message, Divi will not allow him to optin again. How it can be solved?

    • Sam Palumbo

      Quick question. Can a field be added to mailpoet and divi to capture a phone number? Will it show in the list?

    • Tesla France Picardie
    • Sam Palumbo

      Thanks MAK! I love your content. I learn a lot from you, sir. I appreciate it.

    • SusanL Seay

      Great video!

      Can you send multiple emails, like a series of daily challenges, using mail poet?

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