In this video I am gonna show you how to build dynamic countdown timers for Evergreen Campaigns.

You can build personalized marketing for each of your prospects based on different triggers such as the time they join your list, or a tag assigned to them.




If the auto-responder you’re using has the ability to send webhooks manually (Ontraport, Infusionsoft …), you won’t need Zapier integration. You can send the webhook via autoresponder (Ontraport, Infusionsoft …).

However, if your autoresponder doesn’t have the ability to send webhooks, you can use Zapier for the integration.


First go to create campaign page and select Evergreen campaign.

Next, name your campaign. This is only for your reference and will not be visible to public.

Select the time zone you want the campaign to run on. In this example I select Australia/Brisbane.

Next type in the url of the sales page. This is the main page where you want the timer to appear.

Next enter a redirect URL in case the prospect misses the deadline. For example you could send them to an opt in page which notifies them if the offer becomes available again.

Next, decide when you want the campaign to expire for your prospect. You can choose frame time down the the minute.

For example, if you wanted to restrict a prospect’s access to a sales page 5 days after they join your list, then type 5 in this box.

If the prospect visits the page after 5 days, they will be redirected to the link you select here.

Next, Choose what you want to happen if the prospect is on the pager and the timer hits zero. If you would like nothing to happen, simply choose “Do nothing”. If you want the page to automatically redirect to an expiry page then select this option.

Click next.

Next click Add countdown timer to your pages.

You can now grab the code and add the timer to your pages. To do so, click on “Add Countdown Timer To Your Pages”.

On this page you can design and fully customise the timer to match your page. There is a complete video on how to use the design tools on this page. There are absolutely no limitations to what you can design here.

You can also use one of done for you templates.

Click on Use Templates.

Give it a couple seconds and templates load on this page.

Scroll down to see which one you prefer.

You can customise the timer after you select.

Once you find the one you like, click “Use This” button.

You can then see and modify the timer. I highly recommend you to watch the tutorial on how to customise the countdown timer.

Once your happy with the design, click on “Save & Get The Code” button.

Copy this code, go to your web page editor and paste it where you want the countdown timer to appear.

Reload the page. The timer appears.

1 very important thing here.

When you make the timer at first, make sure the campaign is on Test Mode!

The reason for that is… if the campaign is expired, the timer blocks access to any page it’s installed on and redirects the visitor to ‘campaign end’ page.


Click on Integrations, find the autoresponder you are using to see the complete instructions.

Make sure under account you have selected the right auto responder!

In that page, you’ll get full instructions on how to add the countdown timers to your emails as well.

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