In this Facebook Ads 2021 video I show you everything I’ve learnt about building an email list with Facebook advertising.

I show you my entire Facebook advertising strategy that I use to add thousands of email subscribers to my list every month and I go through each step in a lot of detail (using real life examples)

So you can go through this video even if you’re a complete Facebook advertising beginner.

I start with the all important lead magnet that you’re going to be advertising on Facebook.

Then I move onto landing pages which is the location your Facebook ads are going to send your prospects.

And I show you exactly how I create Facebook ad campaigns including:
1) How to set up your Facebook ad campaigns properly so that they deliver your campaign objective
2) How to use Facebook’s audience insights to find highly targeted and profitable groups of people to advertise to
3) How to create epic Facebook video ad content that converts
4) How to install the Facebook ads Pixel and use it to create custom audiences and powerful retargeting campaigns
5) How to advertise on Facebook using one of Facebook’s most effective features: lookalike audiences


FREE TRAINING: 3 Killer Facebook Ad Strategies to Double (or More!) Your Revenue:


5-Part Facebook Ad Template Landing Page:

OptimizePress (Landing Page Software):

Facebook Pixel Helper:

Facebook Video Ad Example:

How To Install The Facebook Pixel Video:

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Also, remember to leave a comment below with the name of your lead magnet and I’ll let you know whether or not I think it’s a winner.

Best of luck guys, Ben

    15 replies to "Facebook Ads 2021: How to Build an Email List With Facebook Advertising"

    • Alex Clair

      Super easy complete brainblast guideline))

    • Богдан Димитров

      Thank You, for this great video. Everything is explained perfect.

    • Dave Johnson

      Wow my head is spinning…tons of value. Definitely need to watch this one again! I would pay for this training.

    • Dan Vant

      Great Video Ben, got me fired up to crack on and get my lead magnet sorted.

    • koloqual man

      Thank you Mr. Ben Heath, the video really help a lot

    • Nele Needs A Holiday

      Thanks for your videos Ben, they are great! Funny thought, why would a wedding photographer want an email list to continually update previous costumers? For when they get married… again?

    • evelyn Ibitola

      I didn't miss any part of the video as it was very helpful. Thanks Ben

    • MaschiTuts

      thanks for the great video, ben! One question. Do I really need to create a landing page? It seems that now lead ads on facebook can just simply collect this data right on FB rather than on a separate landing page. I would assume that getting the contact info directly on facebook would work a bit better because it is basically one step less for the customer? Also, I am not sure where I can actually input a URL in case I would like to use a separate landing page (as you showed in this video). Some info on this problem would be highly appreciated. Merry Christmas.

    • Liebe Bewegt - Die Hochzeitsvideo Manufaktur

      Hi Ben, thanks for this video. Super helpful. I noticed that you recommended to use 30 days for a lot of the custom audiences. In newer videos, especially when using conversion as a campaign objective, you recommend to use 180 days for a bigger audience and let facebook decide who they want to show the ad to. What is your current opinion on that matter?

      We are trying to advertise a lead magnet pdf (guide) as a wedding videography company to collect e-mails and get the leads to inquire for our services through a e-mail campaign.

      We choose a conversion campaign (CBO) and wanted to use 3 ad sets: 1) Lookalike 1% off of customer list of all our previous inquiries, 2) warm audience with multiple custom audiences (website visitors, etc.) and 3) interest based audience.

    • Franco Anzalone

      Such a great video! So helpful ! Thanks so much, Ben!

    • JingKH Official

      Nice video so lovely

    • Investor Milano

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    • Coaching Expatriates

      That was a fantastic video, Ben. Not sure if you are still replying to comments, but my question would be how long should I wait to "test" the conversion rate, to then turn it off and try something else? A couple of days ago I published an ad, had ~400 impressions, and just 3 leads. I think this is too low, but it's only been 2 days. Wanted to know your take. Thanks a lot for sharing the video.

    • Aleksandar Novachki

      This was an amazing lecture. I am glad that you give away your excellent knowledge and expertise to us, the future marketers. I am following you from the beginning of my journey in this field of work, great to have you as my teacher. Thank you Ben!

    • lioz katz

      Hey Ben. thank you for this video. it is really helpful.
      I would also like to ask you, what if my commissions from the affiliate marketing program i am into, are from the leads i bring and not from a sale. can I directly direct the people who click on my facebook advertisement, to the landing page off the company itself? can i share with the company the customers' details so i could have both the commission lead and the customers' details?

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