In this episode, I’ll show you EVERYTHING I’ve done to set up my Facebook advertising campaign. This a crazy in-depth A to Z video on all the steps I’ve taken to put my campaign together. Here’s what we will cover in this video:

– How to do audience research
– How to structure your audiences
– How to stay organized with all the information you collect
– How to build a swipe file of great ads
– How to choose your audience targeting
– How to write your Facebook ad
– How to design the picture for your Facebook ad
– What to split test and when
– What to target and what to avoid
– How to structure your campaign when just getting started
– The pixel and why you should use it
– How to install the pixel
– How to add conversion tracking to your pixel
– How to structure your first campaign for data collection success
– How to set-up your custom site audiences
– And so much more!
I can virtually guarantee you are not going to find a better or more in-depth free resource on how to set up your Facebook campaigns. There are so many different details that are so easy to miss. You’ll have everything you need to go and set up your campaign by the end of this video.

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    • J lavine

      Thank you very much Jason. I am new at marketing and understanding fb targeting was challenging. I've spent a lot of money with ineffective results. Your videos help me put everything together. I have more knowledge now to make better campaigns.

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