You may have seen the news that a lot of people are abandoning their regular email inbox for Facebook.

And you know what? It makes perfect sense!

Nearly 50% of the entire US population is on Facebook.

If you’re not marketing on Facebook now – it’s like you are driving a horse and buggy when you could be driving a Ferrari .

The internet is evolving and you need to move with it.

Are gonna move or stand still while you’re getting lapped by others?

Ricky Matalka, Michael Young and Stuart Frank have come up with an amazing WP plugin called Fanboom that lets you do all of your marketing right inside Facebook.

No having to redirect fans to a separate website.

And you don’t have to be a coder to design beautiful fanpages, or worry about getting SSL certificates to make Fanboom work.

This puppy has a click & point interface with 62 included themes that let you build landing pages designed specifically for Facebook with ease.

Mobile ready too.

Fanboom has features integration with three major autoresponders, and
allows you to redirect anyone who likes your fanpage to any page of
your choosing (huge!).

Fanboom has huge listbulding potential.

Fanboom works for onliners, CPA marketers and affiliate marketers alike with deadly effectiveness.

But I don’t want to leave out the offliners in the crowd.

How about featuring Google maps and slide shows right on your fanpage?

And create urgency with Fanboom’s built-in countdown timer?

Can you imagine how excited your clients will be to see what you can offer them?

Almost forgot to mention…this one is highly endorsed by Facebook bad asses Dr. Ben Adkins and Don you know it’s gotta be good!

Doesn’t that sound hot to you? Check it out now:

(PS–Fanboom is being offered at an insane 87% off its normal price right now. It’s a one-time payment; no recurring monthly fees.

But it is on a dimesale and the price is rising with every sale.

Grab it, grab it now:

Watch This Video At :

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