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In this screen-share tutorial, you’ll see how this free landing page builder can get you up and running very quickly.

I’ll share with you a software tool that you can use to get email subscribers, manage your email campaigns, and build landing pages.

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    2 replies to "Free Landing Page Builder and Email List Software"

    • Mariusz Andrzejewski

      Great video thank you very much?

    • rich cha

      Thank you for your hard work Sal. I learn a lot from you from your podcast and blog. I've been having shiny object syndrome ie: Shopify and marketing to facebook groups, so I put my kickstarter project on the back burner. After putting a lot of work into my kickstarter project i feel like i'm at the 1 yard line and was about to give up. Now I am re-focused and ready to pursue my dream again. Thank you for giving us hope!

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