Build a complete sales funnel without spending a dime on software? Yes, it’s possible and for those on a tight budget, this is the perfect solution to getting started.

What is the duct tape sales funnel?
0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Step 1) Landing Page
4:27 – Step 2) Sales Page
6:00 – Step 3) Payment Options
7:32 – Step 4) Content Delivery

In this sales funnel software tutorial, you are going to learn the exact steps you can take to put together a lead generation and sales funnel completely for free. Now it’s important to note that I do not recommend using a free sales funnel for very long.

As soon as you have the capital to invest, $300 on OptimizePress and hosting is the best way to go. This is only meant to help you get off the ground quickly so you can move on to testing your content and messaging. This is not designed to be used for paid traffic either. If you want to leverage YouTube ads or Facebook ads you’ll need a real landing page so you can use tracking codes and set up Google Analytics properly. The free sales funnel just won’t cut it for paid ads.

That being said, done is better than perfect when it comes to getting your sales funnel off the ground. The Duct Tape sales funnel is better than no sales funnel at all, so this quick video tutorial will focus on 4 free solutions you can use to create your first sales funnel.

As an entrepreneur, getting off the ground can be the hardest part, which is why I’m so excited for you to watch the video so you can start your digital business journey today!

As a bonus you can head over to to grab a copy of the Aspire Notebook where you can download a free sales funnel template what will help you to see where you will need to implement improvements and brainstorm improvement strategies. Plus, there is a copy-paste advanced 7-step webinar free sales funnel template as well.

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    • High Heels and Hustle

      Great content thanks! But there are no links in the description…

    • Robert Spiller

      Do you like google sites as opposed to wix?

    • Jacob Buell

      Great stuff! I do have a question though: after you have embedded the mail chimp email thing into your google site, how do you make it a required field to fill out for the customer to go to the next page, the sales page? I don’t want the potential customer to skip over adding their email. I want it required. Thanks!

    • Julie Stanislas

      Very helpful

    • Greg Lagania

      Wow that was really helpful!!! I'm going to set it up and get started

    • Crystal Lynn Bell

      Great video, Jason. Straightforward and simple. Thanks!

    • Breaded Charms

      can i still use this technique? 2020?

    • princessbabe1313

      I love your channel! Thanks for the videos it’s so helpful ??

    • Ijeoma Onyedum

      Can you help me build one and how much will that cost

    • Paddy Robin

      Thank you kind Sir. I love to see the bare basics, before actually getting overwhelmed with what to buy first.

    • L'Danza maria STILE

      Mail chimp is a free version of Aweber correct?

    • Deborah Awe

      can I also use any other autoresponder other from MailChimp

    • Lil Rob Wave

      Mail chimp html doesn’t work. Wtf

    • Wyomingpark (Shirimar House)

      Will this work for an ebook? Hiw can they download an ebook after payment?

    • Jean Grullón

      I love your content! How exactly do I connect all the pages though?

    • Anna Wasag

      Thank you so much!!!! SO HELPFUL! Hoping to get all this setup and running by the end of today!! Also, thank you for the updated version of the last video you posted on this subject! So happy to have found this channel

    • TheHare Cartel

      very informative for the purpose it serves.


      It's been on my bucket list for a while now. To do this duck tape funnel thing. And then I realized. I have something better. Sociamonials has a landing page built into their system (I bought an appsumo deal like months ago, hoping to use it for pinterest management.) Love or your content for it's organized and structured way. Helps me stay focus and on topic.

    • HuskyNabisco

      Hi Jason, can you update on MailChimp? Not sure if this lists option is still available for free on the site, are there any alternatives?

    • Brandon Lukaszewski

      Use google docs instead

    • Marcel Mbeleg

      Hi Jasonone question if i need to redirect this web form to any link why can i do? thank

    • Andrea Williams

      Thank you for this training!

    • Cata strophic

      TNX ! 4 vid ! ???

    • Scott H

      You mention Wave and paypal. What about Stripe?

    • Keith -Marv K- Harris II

      Jason, why don't you recommend using this strategy for paid traffic or long term?

    • Sydney Sekgala

      Can I follow all this process when doing an Affiliate Marketing??

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