Get Free sales page template, designed by this amazing WordPress Plugin called “Elementor”, this sales page basically is to promote and pitch my online course in And I would like to share this to you and you can import exactly same sales page into your own WordPress website!

Check out how my Sales Page looks like! See it live on

Go download the sales page template below as zip file and start import it into your “Elementor” plugin in WordPress now!

Click here 4:05 – To learn how to import webpage template with “Elementor” with step-by-step!

Click the link below to download the amazing sales page template together with images:

Version 1.0

Version 1.1

After watching this video, please watch the next tutorial on how to edit , amend and fine tune the sales page after import in “Elementor” plugin:

Elementor Plugin in WordPress:

How to Install Elementor Plugin in WordPress:

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    4 replies to "Free Sales Page and How to Import it [Elementor Plugin Part 4]"

    • Get2net

      Hi JBJT, downloaded your template but got a 505 error.

    • Tyler Morrison

      How can you export an elementor template to a zip?

    • Ahhafaz

      Thank you, im from indonesia

    • Go Digital Girl

      Hi JB, I LOVE the way this looks. THANK YOU! I'm going to give it a try!

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