Check out funnel kit here for more information.

Funnel kit is a WordPress plugin created specifically for
creating custom squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, any type of sales page
and webinar landing pages.

Funnel kit is just a once of fee to have a powerful drag and drop
functionality to build your custom landing squeeze pages.

There is a very small learning curve to the Funnel Kit and comes
with training videos to get you started quickly.

You can have a custom squeeze page setup within 10 to 30 minutes.

There are 6 steps to building a landing page. For your convenience,
I’ve set the times for each step if you want to jump ahead.

01:05 – Step 1

01:53 – Step 2

02:34 – Step 3

03:30 – Step 4

05:51 – Step 5

06:05 – Step 6

Check out funnel kit here for more information.

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