TODAY is the day that my good friend James Dyson will be releasing his highly anticipated new WordPress mega-premium theme, “OptimizePress 2.0″.

I’ve been working with James and his team, testing the plugin (yes, there is a plugin this time!) and I gotta tell you that I like what I see.

I’m not the only one and you’ll soon find out…

You see, in just a few hours, many marketers will be bombarding you with message after message to let you know that OptimizePress 2.0 is Live.

They will ooh and ahh you with exciting talking head videos and beautifully designed bonus pages.

Oh, and another thing about those Bonuses…

They will pile up the bonuses because they believe that the more they pile on, the more inclined you will be to buy OptimizePress via their link. Trust me when I tell ya, most of these Bonuses will be stuff you either already have or you don’t need.

Here’s the real deal about those so-called, “Bonuses”…

Most of these Bonuses will be rehashed old stuff that has nothing to do with helping you harness the awesome power of OptimizePress. If you’re like me, a Bonus should compliment the product you’re purchasing.

So, why should you even consider buying OptimizePress 2.0 from me?

I consider myself an expert when it comes to OptimizePress, having built over 130 sites for myself and my clients. I know every in and out of the OP technology and have even impressed some of the Biggest names in internet marketing with my OP know how.

This is not just another promotion for me. It’s my chance to share an amazing product that I love, built by an awesome team of designers and programmers that I personally know and trust.

The Truth is, I too will have a Bonus Offer for you, but…

I’ve decided to provide you with Bonuses that will guide you through your OptimizePress journey. They are designed to be your ultimate companion.

What are my Bonuses?
Learn More Here:

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