I have been using Optimize Press since V1. I’ll admit Version 1 wasn’t the best, but when my long time webpage builder became deprecated, I had to find a new solution and at the time Optimize Press was the best option. And… It still is!

I use Optimize Press to build squeeze pages, sales page, bonus pages, membership pages, etc. Basically all the pages I use in my marketing I use Optimize Press.

You will find SEVERAL page builders and funnel builders out there, but they either don’t work or they’re stupid expensive. Optimize Press does EVERYTHING I need and it’s super easy to use.

If you are one of my students you’ll definitely want to use it too because it’s ALL I teach with.

In this tutorial I show you how to get a domain name, how to get hosting, how to hook your domain name to your hosting, and how to install Optimize Press 3.

Get Optimize Press 3 at http://www.LizTomey.com/OptimizePress

Get LiquidWeb Hosting at http://www.LizTomey.com/LiquidWeb

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